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Fancii 7-in-1 brush set

Hello Lovelies,
Hope you're all well!
I've been wanting to try a facial brush for as long as I can remember...
I got to try out the fancii 7-in-1 waterproof face & body cleansing spin brush set, firstly you get:
🌼Large body brush
🌼Facial brush
🌼Exfoliating foam head
🌼Rolling massager
🌼Silicone face brush
🌼Pumice stone
🌼Shower handle extender

After using this brush, I could tell the difference from using this to cleans my face to cleansing my face using my hands.. My face looked soo much cleaner and its such a easier and quicker routine in the mornings!

The bristles on the brushes are super soft meaning it will be gentle to your skin and its suitable for all skin types.

My other favourite brush has to be the large body brush, by connecting the shower handle extender onto the device, it made scrubbing my back so much easier, the brush has 2 speed settings whether you want a deep cleansing or gentle exfoliation which is soo handy!
This is honestly one of my favourite …

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