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They're real! Push-up liner - Benefit review


Benefit & Boots have teamed up for a couple of weeks, So you trade in any old eyeliner (pencil or liquid) and they give you they're mini version of the 'They're Real! Push-up liner' for free! So you can then try before you buy the full sized product.

'They're real push-up liner' is the first ever lash-hugging gel liner pen,
Theres a smooth lash-hugging guard below from the tip of the liner which gently pushes your lashes aside so you get closer to the lash-line.. I think this is a great idea, why hasn't anyone ever thought of this? Benefit your so clever!.
.Its Waterproof
.No smudging throughout the day
.It could get flaky if you apply too much!(so dont apply soo much)
.It dries too quickly, So if you made any mistakes while applying, You may not beable to get back to the mistakes (only downside really).

You defiantly need practice for this liner, Dont judge it from your first application/first time using it, It was coming out all weird and un…

Weekend In Brighton

I had such a lovely time getting away from home and going to Brighton for a long weekend with my Mum & Sister (as it was my mums Birthday)
There is something I really love about Brighton (maybe the beach/pier? maybe everything?).
We stayed in a little historical hotel called "Queens-bury Hotel" its located in regency square, The staff were kind/friendly, The view from our windows were so beautiful.. i wanted to stay forever haha (although i should be moving to brighton next year yay!)

On our first day we met up with my Uncle David as he lives in Brighton and i hadnt seen him in years!
We went to a little lovely nearby Restaurant called 'The Regency', we then popped in the little cute gifty shops which are on the beach, we then headed off down to the pier which was only a few minutes walk from the restaurant.. not just a stunning view of the sea/beach but also loads of arcades/rides & places to eat/drink.
The next couple of days we did the same thing, we went…