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Chroma Stationery Chroma Stationery makes great quality notebooks at affordable prices that everyone will love with 20 different amazing colours to choose from,  which reflects on peoples personality..
They also offer a free embossing service that you can choose exactly what you want on your notebook from your chosen font, size,  either it be gold or silver, they then gift wrap the notebook.. they think that everyone deserves a lovely package to open (which i agree also)

The lovely people at Chroma Stationery sent me this amazing notebook, that i could keep all of my Beauty and Fashion blogging notes/ideas in,
I have the colour "Zoe" (lovely deep red) which i love, mainly because when it comes to choosing a lipstick I would pretty much always go for a deep red lipstick, why wouldn't you love this colour?
and you wouldn't loose it!
I also have "Itsgemmaaarrr" embossed in silver on the notebook, obviously my blog and instagram name is "i…

BlanX teeth whitening review BlanX is a intensive whitening treatment for your teeth(no peroxide).
It has micro-crystals, it binds enamel of your teeth during regular brushing, creating a barrier that blocks the causes of yellowing.. Its ingredient lasts all day and then is activated by the light which then destroys dirt molecules on your teeth and then naturally whitens teeth... (super cool)

I dont have yellow teeth, but they went as white as i wanted them to be, so BlanX super kindly sent me two different treatments they were:
.BlanX white shock 50ml + LED accelerator with actilux (£7.50 in boots)
.BlanX white shock Treatment 30ml + LED bite with actilux (£15.99 in boots)

The BlanX white shock 50ml with LED accelerator with actilux stays on your teeth throughout the day it then reacts  to everyday light to whiten your teeth naturally... this contains a LED accelerator which then boosts whitening process/action of the actilux..
I feel that this is super handy if your going to stay ov…

Charms & Chains Charms and Chains makes fun, cute, on trend jewellery and accessories at super affordable prices!
They can also be packaged, wrapped and personalised!
They make cute items such as choker necklaces, rings, retro hair scrunches, bracelets, cute rings ect.. They are also super friendly!

The super lovely Roxanne from Charms and Chains had sent me this really lovely surprise package..
I had looked at all of the lovely items from necklaces to rings online but could not decide what to choose as everything they have is so so perfect and so Roxanne sent me this super beautiful heart shaped ring.
It is a large heart shaped outline ring which is in silver but you can also buy it in gold!
The little red bag she placed the ring in is super cute and i will be keeping this, the quality of the ring itself is really great, sturdy, non breakable and for only £4.00!
I was pretty shocked to see that it was only £4.00,
Iam now in-love with this ring and will probably be w…

Quintessentially English

"When you touch a flower you disturb a star" Quintessentially English sells handmade organic soap, natural beauty products & luxurious toiletries from lovely face creams, shampoos, perfumes, massage oils (mmm), awesome bath bombs and lip balms as well as vintage treasures, home accessories such as beautiful beeswax candles, cushions & enamelware.. they have everything!

The really lovely people from Quintessentially English sent me this lovely box of goodies,
They sent me:
English Rose Heart Organic Soap - £4.95
Cinnamon Spice bath cupcake bath melt - £3.25

The English rose heart organic soap has a rose geranium and jasmine perfume/pure essential oils..
it smells & looks soo good, with beautiful rose flowers on the top,  it looks so pretty i didn't want to use it (oh gemma..) but i gave in, running it under the tap onto my skin, i felt that it left a smoothness onto my skin with a lovely rose scent, i defiantly think it…

w7 Makeup Review

Looking for high quality cosmetics at an affordable price? Hello guys, firstly i would like to say Iam feeling slightly under the weather today, but when i got home and found this awesome package it perked me up..
The lovely people from aqua-pr had sent me this generous package..
They had sent me four lovely makeup items from the w7 range .
The items they sent me are:
The Purple haze eyeshadow pallet - £5.95
Zoom more volume mascara-black - £4.95
Automatic eye liner-black - £4.95
Kiss chase lipstick -Awesome - £4.95
I was super excited as the main items i use day to day are eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara & lipstick,
The purple haze eyeshadow pallet is super pretty & sparkly, i love that this pallet is super practical and you can use this pallet from day to night, i also love that it comes with a long eye-shadow/blending brush.. the applying of the eyeshadows are greatly pigmented aswell as staying wear although you may need…

Bare English & Co lip balms review

Autumn/Winter months chapping/damaging your lips?

BareEnglish lip balms are tea infused, organic & 100% vegan, they use the highest quality green tea, white tea, peppermint tea or rooibos tea made using premium organic ingrediants that are all natural! You may be thinking to yourself.. why tea in a lip product? Tea in skincare fights the effects of oxidation & environmental factors and also repairs damage, tea is natural without any irritation which makes tea infused cosmetics/skincare a super great choice for everyone/every skin type!
I was lucky to of been sent four of the lip balms, they sent me: Juicy Peach (infused with white tea) Lemon Meringue (infused with white tea) Cucumber Melon (infused with green tea) Sweet Peppermint (infused with peppermint tea) they all smell divine, but my all time favourite would have to be the Juicy Peach, it smells so delicious/fruity, although if i was to pick the smell for christmas time, I would defiantly pic…

Nair Argan Oil & Batiste review

Hate accidentally cutting yourself shaving or just dont have the time?
Dont have enough time to wash your hair? or you've washed your hair but still dont have enough vitality?
These two products are a must have if you dont have enough time to get ready but still want to look & feel great..
The new Nair argan oil shower power cream easily removes every unwanted piece of hair after just a few minutes of applying the cream, It keeps your body feeling so soft/smooth, suitable for sensitive & dry skin! Pain free.. (yay)
All of the creams like this I have tried in the past, I hated the smells of them all, but with this one I actually like the smell of it, it is cocoa butter so it smells alot better than all of the others!
The spatula is so easy to use, all you need to do is apply a thick, even layer of the cream..wait for a few minutes, test a small area with the spatula if the hair does not come of easily then leave for a few extra minutes.. remove the cream using the spatula …

China life Baubles

Starting Christmas shopping? not sure what to get for loved ones?  or maybe you just love tea & Christmas?
China life is all about natural healthy living with herbs & Yummy tea!

China-life kindly sent me these three pretty baubles,  I was pretty excited when receiving these
1.I love Tea
2.I love Christmas & decorations
3.Tea & Christmas put in one?..
All three of the baubles contains different teas & a different item..
Tea & Biscuits bauble: Selection of teas paired with yummy biscuits.
Perfect chai tea bauble: A warming & rich blend of chai tea with a fine strainer for a smooth finish.
Christmas tea bauble: Containing 3 packs of Christmas spiced tea, made particular for the Christmas season as well as a ball infuser..with pretty decoration in all 3 of the baubles.

All three of the baubles are £6.95 each to buy which I think is perfect when buying a gift for a tea lover! (or maybe yourself)
I love that all of the baubles are different to ones i have ever s…

November Wish List

Hey guys, Welcome to this months fashion & beauty wish-list!
These are some of the awesome items I have discovered this month.. that took my eye & I just really need..Im sure you would too looking at them x

Firstly is the lovely faux leather biker jacker from topshop, Its getting to the point that you need something warm and cozy to wear, this would be the perfect jacket for the Autumn/Winter it also has a soft black faux fur collar, It is £58 but you would get a great use out of it especially living in England (silly English weather)

Secondly the Most prettiest lace hem crop top you will ever see, from Urban Outfitters, It has lace trimming to the hem & the shoulders with a flattering V-shape at the back perfect with a statement necklace & only £18!…

SBC Makeup

Love Makeup? SBC (Simply Beautiful Collection) is a professional skincare & makeup British brand with over 25 years of experience (older than me) That has a range of Skincare, Face care, Body & Bath also Makeup suitable for all of the family!

SBC very kindly sent me this parcel with lovely/pretty makeup items, I was super excited opening this parcel it felt like Christmas!
Super quick delivery and kind & super helpful staff..
In the parcel i received the 'Compact foundation in light' (as i have pale skin tone)
It is a solid cream foundation in a handy mirrored compact, makes it easier to carry around with you.. foundation, powder & mirror in one! (It helps save so much space in your bag) I love the elegant packaging of the makeup (Gold & Black) as its simple but also so attractive,
At first using this product, I wasn't so sure as I was being silly and used a liquid foundation and then added a translucent powder, added this ove…