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w7 "In The Buff" eyeshadow palette review

Hello guys.
So i have been looking forward to review this w7 palette, that aqua pr kindly sent me,
If your like me and love urban decay "naked palettes" but dont love the price all that much, then this palette is a great dupe of the Urban decay naked 2 palette for a more reasonable price.

This lovely tin is full of 12 eyeshadows with a mixture of matte shades and shimmery shades - great for any look morning/day/night.
They are so so easy to apply, with the lovely soft brush you get in the tin or with your fingers (if you dont like using brushes) the matte shades can be slightly "chalky" if you apply too much (eyeshadow may fall on your face) but if you apply the right amount then its fine however the shimmery shades are perfect and without too much full out/chalkiness.
I love using the colour's 'Buff' & 'Wave', by blending them in slightly to get a slight Smokey eye with eyeliner to complete my 'everyday cat eye look'
They last for …

w7 Advent review continues

Hello Guys, Its the 15th of December, I apologise for not posting earlier, but i have been busy with family things and i thought it would be better to have more advent days in one post! So here it is..

Day Six: Foundation "Natural"
Day Seven: Nail polish "Fluorescent pink"
Dat Eight: Glitter "White glitter"
Day Nine: Glitter "Pink glitter"
Day Ten: Nail polish "Fuchsia"
Day Eleven: Lipstick "Spending spree"
Day Twelve: Lipgloss "Clear"
Day Thirteen: Eyeshadow "Hot chocolate"
Day Fourteen: Nail polish "Gold dazzle"
Day Fifteen (TODAY): "Lipgloss "Pink"

As you may tell from the bottom picture Iam already loving/trying out some of these beautiful makeup items (especially the eyeshadow from previous post in "burnt plum" such a lovely shimmery brown that lasts pretty much all day, will defiantly be buying the full sized eyeshadow)
The glitters I have had on day eight & ni… review Jewellery-box is a new retail brand from South London that launched this year in June, offering fashionable essentials for anyone's jewellery collection that is also affordable!
They have loads of pretty items from personalised necklaces to awesome jewellery storage..

The really kind people at really kindly sent me this parcel, I was pretty excited when i received this, It was nicely wrapped up in brown wrapping paper with a cute striped thread, with a mini purple peg (favourite colour) & a cute little tag that had a lovely note on the back of it!

They had sent me:
The beautiful Sterling silver infinity pendant necklace 18 inches
The Sterling silver infinity loop stud earrings (to go with the necklace)

Honestly I dont have any earrings that matches my necklaces (am i the only one?)
So this was nice to receive a matching set, The Necklace & earrings are beautiful (as you can see in the pictures) great for when you dont want …

w7 makeup calendar review so far.. w7 have just bought out the new "countdown to Christmas makeup advent calendar" which i think is a super great idea for people like me who love makeup, or feel like your slightly too old now for chocolate advents.. So i got mine from Tk maxx which cost £19.99, but it says its original price was £49.95 ever if you buy it on the w7 web-site it is now only £19.95
which is a great price for a makeup calendar!
Iam into comic/illustrated images, so this calendar is pretty much perfect for me!

So this is what i have opened so far:
Day one: Eyeshadow "burnt plum"
Day two: Nail polish "Red dazzle"
Day three: Lipstick "Perfect pink"
Day four: Nail polish "Silver dazzle"
Day five: Nail polish "Pink dazzle"

So far the items i have opened, Iam loving! especially the Eyeshadow in burnt plum, it is such a pretty brow colour perfect for winter looks! with a slight sparkle to it, to complete the Christmassy…

£10 Makeup Challenge Essence cosmetics are to express who you are with style, confidence and fun! They say NO to animal testing and Yes to quality which is always a plus!
with a huge range of great makeup at super affordable prices..

Essence asked me to do a £10 makeup challenge, knowing how affordable the makeup is, I knew that i would be-able to accept this challenge, so these are the items i picked for a total of £9.51!!!
They are:
Get Big Lashes Volume Mascara- £2.21
Lipstick 44 Almost Famous - £1.99
Liquid Ink Eyeliner - £2.79
Silky Touch Blush Life's A Cherry - £2.44

These makeup items are great!
I picked reds/dark pinks because I seem to always wear red/dark pink all of the time, but also i thought it is a great combination for Autumn/Winter..
The Get big lashes volume mascara is great for those who want natural but long looking lashes with no clumps, it is also super affordable, for the price of a average mascara you could get a few of these and still look good!