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TanyaBurr cosmetics bag

I finally got my hands on the limited edition Tanya Burrs `merry kissmass cosmetics bag`  How stunning is the bag?
You also get a lip gloss duo & eye shimmer pot,
.Pink lipgloss - Carousel
.Glitter lipgloss - Diamonds are a girls best friend
.Eyeshadow - Chandelier

If your still looking for these defiantly try feel unique, the original price is £10.50 which is a great price for how much you get, my favourite would have to be the chandelier eyeshadow it is so pigmented, such a gorgeous colour and perfect for new years eve also!
Out of the two lipglosses i would have to say my favourite would be the carousel pink gloss, normally i would go for the `non colour` lipgloss but as my lips dry out alot more in the winter, (they've actually been ok this season)  the feel of glitter on my lips doesn't really help, but its so pretty so, i can't help but still wear it now and then... ;D
Anyway Thankyou for reading,
Have you bought any TanyaBurr cosmetics this year?

Small Topshop/Newlook haul

Who doesn't love a small topshop/newlook haul?

 Over the next few days i will be adding more photos!


.Contrast playsuit- Topshop
.`Its only rock and roll` top - Newlook
.Blue contrast cropped vest - Topshop
.Burgandy top with front zip - Newlook
.Black dress - Topshop

My favourites are the Contrast nude playsuit & the gorgeous black dress from topshop, although the `Its only rock and roll` t-shirt also looks pretty cool paired with a plain black skirt/black jeans with a black jacket.
Thankyou for reading!

Receive anything lovely for Christmas?

Every year I get the same question, what did you get for Christmas? I decided to show you guys some of the lovely gifts I received.

Firstly a while back, long story short I broke my tablet by dropping it.. So I received a new one for Christmas which I was chuffed about as its so much easier writing up my blogs.. Thanks dad :) .. I also received the Katy perry killer queen perfume as most of you know I love Katy perry! I got the w7 in the night eye-shadow pallet, lip glosses, dinosaur Starbucks T-shirt, dove kit, Nivea sets, CDs, ed sheeran items, voucher's, makeup,  pug cushion & mug <3 I received other lovely gifts but got them after I took the picture's, Thankyou so much to Friend's and family! Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas, Thankyou for reading. Love Gem X

Count down to Christmas?

A jumper advent calendar? Best idea?  Its the 23rd? How crazy!

Counting down the days until Christmas has never been so cosy!
I never knew you could get an advent jumper, not sure if this is just me?
You can get different ones from all different stores nowadays, but I got this one from Primark which cost around £14.00? You get a cute little Christmassy image behind all 25 doors, they're stuck on with Velcro so its super easy to place the doors back on to the jumper.
Okay you might think £14.00 for an advent calendar? But the great idea is that you can use it every year from now, so it would basically save you alot of money from not buying advent calendars every year ;)
I feel like this is such a great idea, for me, you, your sister/brother/granny/grampa? After Christmas if you see these advent jumpers, defiantly go and buy one for the next - they keep you soo soo warm and it will be after Christmas, so they will be reduced so saving you money ;)
I hope your having a lov…

Feeling Christmassy OOTD

I love Autumn/Winter outfits, especially when your feeling slightly christmassy, so here is a simple `christmassy` outfit I put together <3

*Blue dress - Asos
*Lace Bralette - Brightonlace
*Pretty Red frill knickers - SuperPeach
*Chelsea boots - Asos
*Nail polish (red sea) - Models own


Dolcis shoes

My favourite boots I own..
These are the dolcis velma knee high boots. I have been looking for boots like these for a little while now but always came across ones that wernt comfortable to walk in, as soon as I put these on.. I cannot tell you how comfortable these are, perfect for days on the go, they also give that sophisticated feel. I love the gold look, buckle & zip detailing.
Perfect for the Autumn/winter, defiantly keeps my legs all snugg/warm and so easy to walk in! Defiantly have a look at the site, they usually dispatch within 24 hours aswell! Thankyou so much again Dolcis <3
Thankyou everyone for reading,

Soley Organics

Looking for organic skincare products?

Soley Organics makes a range of organic products such as creams, lotions, exfoliators, cleansers ect..
Theese are the items I got sent:
.Healing cream
.Soothing tonic splash
.Body lotion
The organic healing cream is super effective on skin such as burn wounds, eczema, skin irritation, dry skin.
I find that this has been helping me with my dry skin, when the weather changes, so does my skin, which means i need different products for different seasons... I apply this onto my dry and red areas before I go ahead and moisturise, I have seen and felt the difference.

The organic tonic splash tones, balances and soothes skin, I had never known what a tonic splash does until now, it has pure Icelandic spring water & contains blends of orange blossom making the skin feeling refreshed, I spray this onto my face before using the healing cream every morning, it seems to defiantly wake me up & smells nice!

The organic body lotion gently moisturizes mak…


SuperPeach - SuperPeach makes a range of knickers with great detailing, with cute little bows to intricate lace edging,
The lovely lady Naomi sent me:
.Jennifer knickers
.Trixie thong
How gorgeous are the Jennifer knicker shorts?
They're red & white layered frills with cute little bows, not only that they're super stunning but they are so comfortable and probably the most comfortable knickers I have ever worn <3 The sizes are Small, Medium & Large..

The detailing on the lace panel of the Trixie thong is
So stunning & with the added two cute black bows really finishes the look, I seem to love monochrome, so these are perfect,  this is also the most comfortable thong i have ever worn, if your looking for super comfortable underwear defiantly go and check out super peach, the packaging is also super cute :)
Instagram @superpeachlife
Thankyou SuperPeach!!!!
Thankyou for reading,
Love Gem


Looking for cute gifts?

At tolkapolka they handpaints cute images onto mugs, how cute is this sleeping face mug? Reminds me of me untill I have a coffee.. or 2 :)
They are lovely for Christmas gifts, don't have alot of money to spend on gifts this year? Defiantly check these out, if you want a certain personlised mug just message her :) This has to be one of my favourites from the site as well as the new Christmas ones, defiantly go check out the site
Thankyou so much tolkapolka, this has to be my all time favourite mug <3 Thankyou for reading, hope your having a lovely day Gem X

Goty Goty

Burn calories from wearing hotwear clothing?

Looking to burn calories quicker?
This is the skirted anaconda in green, the neoprenefabric designs are made to retain body heat, it makes whoever's wearing these burn more and more calories and melts alot more so much faster than wearing regular sports/active clothing whilst working out or doing every day activities.
I dont wear them everyday, but when I wear them, I defiantly notice the difference, as soon as i take the pants of, you can defiantly feel the air to your legs, they keep my legs so warm, they're great to wear in this horrible cold weather even if your not working out!
You defiantly notice how much you've sweat once taken of the hot wear clothing (sounds disgusting but want faster results?)
They are comfortable, they also have a hidden inside Pocket which you could put your ipod, phone, keys in, they are available in 5 sizes!
Defiantly going to be wearing these alot more from now on,…

Real - U

Hydration Cleanse Control

I wanted to start a skincare routine again as I wasn't sure what brand to look into, kindly Real-U (Australian brand) sent me all of these products to try, they sent:
*Lite moisturiser
*Gentle foaming wash
*Face gel
*Mini samples (super handy for my bag)
*Peter pan quoted book

Moisturiser, it helps keep problem skin properly hydrated without clogging your pores, most moisturisers makes my skin feel like its burning, but this defiantly doesn't, it absorbs into my skin pretty much straight away which is handy when I come to put makeup on, its not greasy either.

Gentle foaming wash,
It helps cleanse problem skin without removing all of the skins natural oils, which is always a no1 to look for when picking a foam wash! It keeps my skin feeling fresh and also removes any left makeup, even if you already think you've removed all of your makeup.

I use this every morning & night time just after cleansing my skin using the…


`Do it in style`

Hey Girls/Guys,
A while back I had found out about a brand named snoodydo, Snoodydo is a knitted fashion lifestyle brand for women and men, they use fleece lining/insulation for the super cold days/nights, They had kindly sent me the:
*Mimi knitted double bobble hat (they're available in 3 different colours)
Honestly have never worn a beanie that is so comfortable and keeps my ears warm! It makes me want to fall asleep inside it...
I previously already bought a teddy style hat/double bobble hat from Riverisland a while back (as you may of seen) but its nice to have a range of colours and as much as I love the Riverisland beanie I have to say, the insulation in this beanie makes it so much more cosy.
Im so chuffed that I have this beanie as i do always seem to complain about the cold weather.
Defiantly go and check out the site!
Thankyou Snoodydo!
Iam still trying my best to keep up on my blog as you may know my SD card deleted everything a while …