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Venus with Love

Wanting to buy a more personal gift for your loved ones?

Hello guys, I received a lovely package from the super lovely people at venuswithlove, They sell v-lockets, which you can customise by choosing whether it being a necklace or a bracelet, and which charms, dangles and chains you want.
I find this is a great way to keep those memories you have and create a necklace/bracelet for your loved ones as a gift or even for yourself!

The first necklace:
.24" long silver chain
.Crystal silver v-locket
.Feet pink
.minnie mouse
.back plate - dream
.Gemini symbol

The reason to why I chose these is because I wanted to give a special something to my sister, so I wanted it to mean something, I chose the pink feet because we are twin sisters & it means we have always been together since day one, that is also the reason to why I had chosen the Gemini symbol, but also because we are both a Gemini!
I had chosen the `dream` & Minnie mouse as we both promised that one day we will …

The Library of fragrance

Hello guys, If you haven't heard about The library of fragrance sprays, then you are just about too!
They sell all different scents from Apple pie, babypowder, caramel even playdoh!!!
You can smell/buy them over at boots, they are only £15.00 each or 2 for £25.00 on an ongoing promotion.
The first one I got was the scent Thunderstorm` basically imagine after a summer storm, the smell of freshly ripped leaves, hints of wet  earth. It does wear down which I do prefer.

With the library of fragrance scents you can layer and combine scents to create new versions to suit you! Its a fun idea, So I paired thunderstorm with the scent `Cherry Blossom`, Cherry blossom is such a fruity, fresh, sweet scent, it smells just like cherries.. Smells amazing!

So after combining the two scents it makes the scent more different to any other scent/more mysterious. I feel like you only need one spray of the thunderstorm and then by adding two sprays of the cherry blossom as I prefer more fruity/sweet s…

PercyCute clothing

Looking for awesome tees but for high street prices?

Hey Guys!
I had some awesome post from Karl at percycute, if you didn't know percycute sells hand drawn illustrated teeshirts at high street prices, they also sell sweats, jackets, vests, headwear & accessories..
They had sent me the
.Gorilla pattern tee
.The roses & diamond tee

 I love that they come up as men sizes, so theyre pretty loose fitting around the arms, so if i needed to I can wear another shirt underneath if its slightly chilly (as seen above with the blue sleeves)

The teeshirt with the roses on is super cool, I love monochrome right now so this is a great wardrobe piece for me whether it be pairing it up with shorts, leggings or even a skirt! This certain illustration reminds me of the style of how I used to draw at college, its awesome! I find that this piece is perfect for women aswell as guys, as this illustration can mean anything to anyone and its not too girly/manly, its inbetween.

The Gorilla teeshi…