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ishga skincare

Wanting Brighter healthier looking skin?

Hello guys and girls,
 I had been searching for decent cream/moisturizer as now and then i get rough/dry skin, Ishga skincare super kindly sent me out the anti-oxidant marine cream, which i could try out.
Firstly the packaging! It looks so neat and I love it,

I apply a slight amount (dont need to use alot for a good coverage) to cleansed skin daily, you don't have to just use it for your face it can be used anywhere, which I done.
I found that it may be fairly expensive however it will last you alot longer than your regular cream.. so you will be saving money.
These few weeks that I have used it, these are the benefits of what i have discovered by using it:
.Brightens my skin
.Gives a glow look
.Refreshed skin
.No more rough/dry areas
oh and I forgot to mention, its cruelty free which is a bonus!
Defiantly go check out the website
Thankyou so much Ishga,
Thankyou guys & girls for reading
Love Gem

Want that Trend

Hello guys, as you have probably seen a few sneak pics from my instagram, I was lucky to collab with a clothing brand called Want That Trend as you may of heard of, They had kindly sent me:

.Palomina Black zip skortsuit
.Grey Emily trousers
.Black scallop skater

One of my favourites from the website is definitely this stunning skortsuit, it is true to size, it looks great on, super comfy, Only £10.00! I honestly love this and will be wearing it alot, whatever the occasion is.

How fab do these trousers look? They are grey checked print allover, made from soft crepe with an elastic waistband, so you can imagine how comfy they are, they look great with just a plain crop top or jumper paired with flats or even heels they are also only £10.00 :D

This cute scallop skater dress is defiantly a cute piece to wear on a night out/party, the scallop edging makes this dress, I have already been complimented on wearing this dress a few times & plan on wearing it until it wears is £21…

Glo & Ray Review/Haul

Hey everyone!
As you may of seen on my instagram, I was super lucky to of received a lovely package from Glo&Ray!
`Glo & Ray is a British company which draws inspiration from natural wonder of light.
The name Glo & Ray is derived from Glo - a gentle luminance and Ray - a vibrant beam of light.

The items I got:
.Nebulae fluid foundation - N01
.Creamy shimmer lipstick - Mysterious 640
.Creamy shimmer lipstick - Valentine 645
.Creamy shimmer lipstick - Fuchsia kiss 646
.Creamy shimmer lipstick - Honey 647

Wanting a foundation where it lasts all day and gives you a natural looking glo? I love this foundation, if you look at the above photo it evens out skin tone, gives the skin a lovely natural looking glo and it also hydrates! Iam loving the glo look at the moment, So i definitely recommend this foundation over any other right now & for £23.00 I feel like its a great price.

These creamy shimmer lipsticks.. look at how pretty they look!
If your looking for a new nude lips…

Anatomicals review/haul

Getting bored of boring everyday products?

Hey Girls and Guys, Today I want to show you a brand that I know you would love, I received this cool package from Anatomicals, they sell awesome products with funny package names, to help get through the boring day/make your collection look alot more funky & fun!
The items I got: .Headache relief balm .Lip Balm .Apricot face scrub .Anti-blemish face mask
 If you get headaches as much as I do from sitting in the sun, then I feel that this headache relief balm should help you for this summer, You just need to rub it onto your forehead, neck and wherever else it hurts, sit/lay back, close eyes, breath it in..wolahh you can go sitting in the sun more. The smell is not too over powering either which is great.
Getting cracked, gross lips in the sun? (EW) Not only this lip balm smells amazing (cherry) but it has honestly done wonders to my lips, I was struggling to find a decentlip balm to help soothe my lips, found this one and will defiantly…

Hask Hair

hello guys, if you follow me on instagram you would of seen that i received a lovely parcel from HaskHair.
I really wanted to try out a new shampoo & conditioner as the ones i have beem using has made my hair feel like its too used to it, whicn is never good, as my hair starts to look all dull and lifeless.. so i was super excited to start using a new brand.

They had sent me the:
.Thickening shampoo
.Thickening conditioner
.Root thickening spray
.Intense deep conditioning treatment
.Nourishing deep conditioner
.Smoothing deep conditioner
.Hydrating deep conditioning treatment
.Nourishing shine oil
.Smoothing shine oil
.Healing shine treatment
.Revitalizing shine treatment

They do all different ranges, they had sent me the Mint almond oil thickening range Which does smell lovely, if you like the smell of mint aero chocolate, it pretty smells like that!
Normally im pretty spectacle about trying thickening hair products as i feel they never work, but from using all of these products…