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Looking for gorgeous shoes?

How stunning are these shoes?
If your looking for stunning shoes but not wanting to spend a fortune, then defiantly go and check out dolcis shoes website!

Back to these white shoes.. I love that you could wear these with pretty much anything, from dresses to jeans and still look smart, they would defiantly look amazing with a lovely tan!
They came beautifully packed in a big pink box, which made me pretty excited to be honest.. (oh Gemma..)
Beautifully made, great quality, super comfy and is it just me, or dont you just love the smell of new shoes?

Thankyou so much DolcisShoes, your amazing!
And Thankyou for reading,
Love Gem

Somelikeithot Jewellery

Looking for hot statement jewellery?

How gorgeous is this statement necklace?
Its vibrant & so pretty!
Somelikeithot is a London online jewellery boutique, They deliver quality costume jewellery at affordable prices with glamour/beauty.

You can pretty much wear this necklace with anything, but looks fab with a simple plain t-shirt or dress (above - im wearing it over a cute peach croptop i got from Topshop)
If you want to make a statement..defiantly check out somelikeithot website!
Thankyou so much somelikeithot!
And Thankyou to you guys for reading,
Love Gem

JewelleryOfLords haul/review

Looking for some cool jewellery?

Jewellery of Lords sell unique/cool jewellery, which you guys should go and check out,
I got:
.Purple space galaxy moon necklace
Rainbow friendship bracelet anklet
.Gold love heart Crystal bell anklet

How gorgeous is the galaxy moon necklace? Matches my blue hair at the moment (oh gemma..) This is now one of my favourite necklaces, I feel like you could wear it with anything and anytime & it is currently only £6.99 on the website right now!!
They also have different colour/pattern ones, so you could collect them.. I love them all.

The two anklets are also pretty,
I prefer wearing the rainbow friendship anklet as a bracelet, but it still looks awesome as a anklet,
The Gold love heart Crystal hollow bell anklet is so pretty, Iam loving gold jewellery at the moment, so this is perfect.
They are both super affordable and make lovely presents for loved ones :)

How cute is the little purple Jewellery of lords bag?

Thankyou so …


Wanting beautiful nails but dont have time to paint or style your nails? Hey gals/guys.. I was lucky to try out some beautiful nails from NailGals, All of the designs they have are pretty stunning and also unique, I got to try the mint green leopard print oval nails, how cool do they look? They come beautifully packed and safely so the nails dont get ruined, They coat the nails twice using a high quality topcoat, nail glue and instructions are also included (you can use nail adhesive tabs if you prefer)  You can also choose a glossy or matte finish
They are so easy to apply, I have never applied nails on using glue, but I can safely say the first time I used it, It was a success! They also last, you can also re-use them!
 I would defiantly recommend Nailgals to people who doesn't want to spend too much money getting nails done or if you just dont have the time painting and designing your nails, this is the website: Thankyou to the gals at Nailgals and Thankyou you…

Day & Evening outfits

Day outfit:
.Hat - H&M
.Dress - London
.Shoes - Utopia (hemel)

Evening outfit:
.Skortsuit - Want that Trend
.Jacket - H&M
.Chelsea Boots - Asos

I love both of these outfits, however you could wear them day or night, You could also add accessories like jewelry, tights, bags they would defiantly complete these outfits.
Let me know which outfit you prefer,