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Martha lace lingerie

^with blue jeans

Hello Lovelies, As you probably know I love pretty lingerie, the lovely Marta Peruzzi from Martha lace had sent me this gorgeous floral bodysuit. Martha lace is an independant handmade lingerie label based in London Uk, by Martha Peruzzi with passion & high attention to detail & comfort!
They have a Nero collection & Romantic collection from bralettes to bodysuits. The detail in this lace bodysuit is absolutely stunning,  The little white bow at the top finishes the look, going from a sexy look to a cute look , I wouldn't change any of the detail or add any to this, it is pretty much perfect!
I wouldn't think it would be as comfortable as it is lace, although I feel that its so much more comfortable than wearing a bra & knickers.. super comfortable, it looks great on too!
Have a look at the website, also have a look at the white minimal soft triangle soft bra.. its stunning!
Instagram- @marthalacelingerie

Thankyou so …

AEOS skincare review

Active Energised Organic Skincare 

Looking for a new skincare routine? AEOS is a organic natural skincare with no synthetics, toxic chemicals. Also created with extracts and essential oils of herbs and plants aswell as vitamin E from natural sources. All of the AEOS products are designed to be used together as a full skincare routine which will enable a chance to bring out a different level of radiance within your skin, also feeling hydrated/fresh.
Above is the AEOS Optimal essentials kit designed for maximum hydration, which includes: .Cleansing oil de-Maq 30ml .Dew facial wash 30ml .Gentle Cleansing lotion 10ml .Gentle exfoliant 10ml .Energising conditioner 10ml .Refreshing hydrating mist 30ml .Realive serum 30ml .Enriching moisturiser 10ml .Beauty body shower 10ml .Beauty body lotion 10ml
I hadn't done a skincare review for a while, so I was super excited to review these products,  I love that they're travel sized, making sure your skin is still healthy & glowing w…

Pretty Unique houndstooth cape

Hello Lovelies,
I have always wanted to try on a cape, as they're pretty much on trend right now, although I felt like capes wouldn't suit me, I was sent this lovely cape from Pretty Unique.
- Houndstooth cape £35.00

As soon as I opened the package I loved this cape straight away, I have loved houndstooth print for a while now as you may know from posts in the past, I love how it looks on me, This is a medium, which is slightly too big but its loose and super comfortable!
Its a great staple piece for my wardrobe for this season & all other seasons to come.
In the pictures above I am wearing a plain top, black trousers & Chelsea boots with the cape aswell as a high neck black dress with high knee boots with the cape, I feel like you can pretty much dress it with anything.
Pretty Unique not only sells capes, but they have a range of clothing from beautiful kimonos, tops.

Charms & Chains

^How beautiful is the necklace <3
Hey everyone!
This morning I woke up to a parcel which brightened up my day, from the lovely lady at Charms & Chains, if you haven't heard of them before..where have you been?
In the parcel was:
.The prinny midi ring
.Opal crystal point necklace
.Pug ring
.Hamsa hand ring
.Opal choker

The three rings are super cute, I love pugs & this ring is a must have for pug lovers, so much detail in one ring & only £4.50? <3
I also love disney (who doesn't?) So this crown ring is also perfect for me, its so cute & great for any ages.
Iam in love with this hamsa hand ring! Its so cute, I wear all three of these together, i feel like they're versatile so you can wear them with any other jewellery and it wouldn't be too much & still look great.

As you may know I seem to wear chokers pretty much all of the time.. This opal choker is awesome, I seem to always wear the ones which you slide over your head which ruins your hair.…

Max Factor gloss cubes review

^ 08 Vibrant Raspberry 06 Chocolate Brown 01 Soft Rose

Hey lovelies,  Without reading any reviews of the Max Factor gloss cubes, I decided to buy & try as they looked appealing.. They have 10 gorgeous colours but I decided to pick up the  01 Soft rose 06 Chocolate brown 08 Vibrant Raspberry They're high shine, definitely non sticky finish, feels good to wear, however i felt that they don't last that long on the lips,  I really love the 06 Chocolate brown it reminds me of the new kylie jenner kits, I would love if they were to make lipsticks matching these, then im sure they would last longer. These are suitable for day & night, can be used with or without lipstick. Has anyone else tried these? Thankyou for reading, Gem <3

w7 review

Hello lovelies, I was woken up this morning, to a gorgeous package from w7, this is what I received:
.Bronze queen, £6.95 .Groovy curls £5.99 .Prime & glow £5.99 .Kiss chase £4.95
The first thing i looked at opening the package was the bronze queen eyeshadow pallet, anything with bronze...must have, you get 5 gorgeous matte shades, 2 added shimmer shades, a dual ended brush applicator is also included which is an added bonus! They're beautiful shades, apply so easily, although i did use my every day eyeshadow brush, they stayed on my eyes pretty much all day (still on whilst typing this)
How pretty is the eyelash curler, my favourite colour!  They do exactly what they're supposed to do,  They shape lashes to perfection adding illusion of length, they also have a steady finger grip, so easy to hold whilst curling your beautiful lashes :)
The prime & glow illuminating primer looks so gorgeous! You basically apply a small amount under your foundation to give your skin a …

Nouveau Lashes review

Looking for comfortable lashes that stays on all day?


 ^^So natural looking <3

Extend, Express, Enhance

Hello lovelies,
As you may or may not know I never really seem to wear fake eyelashes, as they take forever to put on and can be uncomfortable to wear however
I was sent a lovely goodie bag by the lovely people at nouveau lashes to try out the products and give an honest review to you guys of what I thought,
So I got:
.Strip lashes natural/style 2 with adhesive, £6.99
.Mini combs (100 pieces), £19.99
.Fine point tweezers, £9.99
.Strip lash adhesive 10ml, £12.99
.Lashes consumer pro tool, £26.99

I love how natural these eyelashes look, I can never seem to apply eyelashes on without getting glue everywhere but honestly these are super easy to apply, I trimmed them down slightly, to fit my eye shape and I feel that these are the perfect match for my eyes, the mini combs went straight into my makeup bag.. they are so handy even when your not applying fake eyelash…

Mini haul

Who doesnt love cute tops?
.Monochrome zip top - Newlook
.Flower print top - Topshop
.Compass top - H&M

The monochrome zip top is simple but im loving the cut out back and the halter neck style, the zip at the front also adds the detail.

How pretty is the flower print top? I wouldn't normally buy prints like this, but the colour is gorgeous aswell as the perfect halter neck which i seem to be loving right now.

This compass top is super cute, perfect by pairing it with skinny jeans & chelsea boots.
Thankyou for reading,