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Hello lovelies, This morning I woke upto to a lovely delivery from FKJewels, Finderskeepersjewels is a new company that sells super pretty necklaces from hamsa hand necklaces to crystal, moons etc I love that the arrow is the right size, not too big/small, it is a super cute size and would look great paired with pretty much anything from a dress to a jumper (seen above) The chain of the necklace is also the right size and feels comfortable on. Make sure to look at Fk's Instagram & Facebook! Instagram @FKJewels Facebook Twitter @FKJewels
I am also loving the look of the hamsa hand necklace as well as the pink crystal necklace, they are super pretty and would make great gifts for your loved ones or to add beauty to your jewellery collection. Thankyou so much FKJewels, Thankyou for reading,  Love Gem X 

Got too many Easter eggs?

Hello lovelies, I hope you had a lovely Easter,
So this is a different post to what I normally write about but I thought why not make chocolate easter nest's?
If you received too many eggs, this is an idea which you could use.
To make six easter nests, You will need:
.half of medium chocolate egg
.cake cases
.mini eggs
.glass bowl

.Firstly boil water in the saucepan, making sure the heat isn't too high (otherwise your chocolate will either burn or will not work)
.carefully place the bowl over the saucepan (making sure it doesn't hit the bottom of the pan)
.place your cut pieces of chocolate into the bowl ( I used a medium sized Thornton's egg, but you can use any chocolate)
.keep stirring untill melted
.take off heat, gradually pour in the cornflakes (you can use shredded wheat, rice krispies)
.mix it all together
.pour evenly into the cake cases
.add the mini eggs ontop ( you can use mini cream eggs)
.place in fridge to set and wo…


Hello lovelies how stunning are the items above?
Tillyanna is a small family run business which sells personlised items such as beauty pouches, travel cups, sweaters etc, they're also a eco-friendly company, so they use natural fabrics & recycled papers.
I was kindly sent the
.Personalised beauty kit case
.Personalised journal

They make great gifts for friends/family, I love the `Gemmas beauty kit case` it is such a perfect size for all of my day to day makeup bits and looks great sitting on my dressing table. It has a big gold zip, which I love, I seem to be loving gold right now, so this perfect! A must have for every beauty blogger/lover.
One of my favourite makeup bags I own!

I love the `Look out world Gemma is going to do amazing things today` journal, for us bloggers we use alot of paper, so this is perfect for us and keep all of our blogging ideas/notes in this journal, you can choose any name to make a lovely personlised gift for someone.

Go and have a look at the til…

Hi impact brows

Wanting perfect brows?

 (Hair looks so short from not straightening it..but look at the brows)

Hey lovelies,
As you may or may not know, I love quick & easy products when it comes to brows, what's the point in purchasing something that's going to take a long time and doesn't look great?
A week ago I was lucky to try a brow palette called hiimpact brows, I have been using it everyday since I received it.
It is a multitasking eye & brow palette, meaning other than using it for your brows, you can also use these for eyeshadow/eyeliner!

You can also mix the colours together to get the perfect shade, I tend to mix Spice & Mocha together to get my intense brow look or if im going for a more natural look then I would mix Ash & Spice for a softer brow.
I also use Mocha for the outer crease of my eye to get a nice smokey eye effect, It is so quick and easy to do & I love that it shows you what to do if your not sure on the back of the packaging.

I love this pal…

Mini haul

Hello lovelies,
I felt a bit under the weather the other day and decided to treat myself, These are some of the items I bought, I have written below where you can go and buy these things

Where you can buy:
.Xoxo knickers
.Rogue by Rihanna perfume
.Tresemme shampoo/conditioner
.Stripe long sleeve top & red top

I loveeee these xoxo knickers, they came in a pack of two for £5.00 I mainly bought them for the navy blue ones, I love that they're lace, gives a more feminine look to them, they're super comfortable and now wished I bought the bras to match (defiantly next time!)

I had seen many people liking the Rogue by Rihanna perfume & the bottle drew me into buying it so I decided to go & buy it myself and see what I thought, it contains accords of lemon blossom, jasmine, rose, plum over a base of vanilla & amber.
Its a sweet but not too sweet smell, I feel like its a more grown up smell, …


Looking for cute storage/organisers?

Hello lovelies,
I discovered a cute online boutique from browsing Instagram called @anniescloset she sells things from scarves, jewellery, accessories etc, she kindly sent me this adorable `Everything needed to look fabulous` organiser, I feel like this would be a lovely gift for someone, I loveeeee the illustrations on the pockets, I love to keep my lip glosses, sunglasses, eyelash curlers in this, it is so much easier to find & grab what I need right away, the delivery was super quick too!
Do have a look at her website and Instagram
Instagram @anniescloset
Thankyou anniescloset!
Thankyou for reading,
Love Gem