SlenderToxTea Review

SlenderToxTea Review
SleepTox & DayTox

Hi everyone so I really wanted to try out a detoxing tea and was luckily sent theese two 14 Day Teatox tea from SlenderToxTea, I have always been scared to try anything detoxing, not sure why but i decided to give these ago.
The reasons of why i had been wanting to try something detoxing are:
.I wanted to loose some weight around my stomach
.To get rid of Bloating
.Cleanse my body

You use the DayTox tea every-morning for the 14 days & The SleepTox tea every night a few hours before you go to sleep, using a medium sized cup of warm water (NOT boiling!) Brew for 3-6 minutes, They also recommend that you should begin your teatox on a weekend or a day off! I also recommend that you do start it on a weekend for your body to get used to the changes of detoxing.
I also recommend that you eat healthy while taking these, if you want better results.
A magazine,yogurt & fruit and Daytox tea

Day one of the teatox - I was worried that it would taste disgusting, but it actually tasted okay, if your used to drinking green tea then this taste will not be weird!
I did not find any difference at the beggining apart from a slight warmth in my stomach,
but as the days went on, I did see and feel a big difference it increased my metabolism, left me feeling unbloated, had me feeling more energized than normal, I also felt that i lost some (Not alot) weight around my stomach which was what i wanted.


This picture was a few days in using the tea tox, as you can see my stomach looks slightly bloated still..

This picture was taken after I had finished the teatox (haha at the M&M World)
as you can see i have lost some of the weight/bloating around my stomach..

Overall I love this teatox i would highly reccomend it to anyone whos wanting to loose weight or just wants to cleanse and feel healthier..
this is where you can buy the tea:
thankyou to SlenderToxTea again for letting me review/use this product.
Thankyou for reading.
Much love


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