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Pink Parcel, march box

Its a monthly thing!

Pink Parcel is a monthly box for women on there `time of the month`, you can also get a box for teens,  Firstly you select a brand, tell them your dates, recieve your parcel, its that simple.
 I got sent this box from pink parcel as it was for international womens day, I think its a great way of cheering women/girls on the the stressful time of the month, You recieve your pads/tampons in two boxes and a little cute drawstring bag, to place in your bag for on the go, you also get a treats box which is supposed to cheer you up, it certainly cheered me up, I got the 
.OPI nail polish in I sing in colour .Paw paw moisturising balm .Divine dark chocolate, caramel .Tea pigs chocolate flake tea .Perfectil tablets .Bubble T bath bombs
The treats box will pretty much be different every month, which is great, I feel that its handy if your shy when buying `the time of the month` items in store, Or if your spending too much money on them, pink parcel is a reasonable fair pri…

Soaparama haul

Hello guys,
So this was such an excitement for me!
I have been looking for lovely bathbombs/fizzies as i always seem to go to lush, i love lush but i dont want to be buying the same scents all of the change, so  found a site called soaparama,
they're 100% against animal testing, they use a wide range of pure essential oils, natural botanicals, pigment oxides,
they have a range of soaps, bathbombs, candles, lipglosses ect..
I am so greatful with what I recieved,
The lovely people from soaparama sent me:
.ylangylang & grapefruit candle
.lemon & ginger candle
.creamy vanilla bath fizzies
.English garden rose bath fizzies
.cedarwood & lime bath fizzies
.bubblegum lipgloss
.coconut lip balm

The candles smell amazing! They burn for ages and makes my room smell all fruity, my favourite out of the two will defiantly be the ylangylang & grapefruit candle, highly recommend you guys to smell it!

The creamy vanilla, english garden rose, cedarwood & …

SBC Makeup

Looking for a flawless foundation?

Previously I have blogged about the SBC Makeup before,  but I really wanted to find a flawless foundation and powder,  I feel like i have found my go to foundation and powder, SBC sent me the  .Creme base foundation in light .Loose mineral foundation in light
 I have heard/seen mixed reviews on the creme base foundation..some people were saying that its too orange, but I my opinion is that when you apply it onto your hand and not blending it in, obviously its going to look slightly orange as you haven't blended it in onto your skin!  but i applied this creme base foundation onto my face using a sponge which you can also get from SBC, and it did not look orange at all, it matched my skin perfectly and I highly recommend this creme foundation, its not too thick either which is always good!
 I had not seen/heard reviews on the loose mineral powder, but I needed to find a new mineral powder as i was getting slightly bored usi…

Bykidesigns tote bag review

Hello Guys, sorry its been a little while since I last posted, I have been super busy with family things, but Iam back with the blogging and super happy to be back..anyway..I had been looking around for a decent tote back to put my shopping or everyday essentials in, rather than carrying a boring carrier bag around with me looking silly, So i came across a cool site called `bykidesigns`

I must say iam loving pretty much all of the bags on the site,  anyway the really kind people at bykidesigns sent me this awesome batman i love batman, i was pretty excited.
I have been using this bag ever since it turned up to my door step, its  a great quality bag, But also with most tote bags i find that they get super grubby somehow? but with this bag i have found that it hasnt got grubby at all, no fade-ness, no breakage, still the same vibrant batman logo also, so its pretty perfect! For £12 and free delivery and great quality, you cant really go wrong.
I woul…