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Playboy lipsticks review

My "go to" makeup would be eyeliner & lipstick, so i was super excited when aquapr superkindly sent me this awesome package...
 I had never tried any of the Playboy makeup before so,
I was looking forward to trying them out..
They had sent me:
.Playboy red
.Pink sands
.Bunny girl
.In the pink
firstly, dont you just love the gorgeous packaging!
They would look so pretty sitting on my dressing table.
Can you guess which colour lipstick is my favourite?
Yes its the "Playboy red", it is a gorgeous deep red! Can never go wrong with red lips! I had just finished my deep red estee laudner lipstick, so Iam super happy with this lipstick.

They apply onto your lips straight away, your lips do not dry out and the staying length of the colour lasts a long time.
So overall pretty much perfect!
I defiantly recommend these to anyone!
My mother even took the "bunny girl" lipstick off me, which i wont be getting back...haha
My second favourite lipstick would have to …

Phil smith Wow brunette range.

hello everyone! I Was kindly gifted the Phil Smith "Wow! Brunette range" by gorgeouspr.  I had never tried anything by phil smith before so i was pretty excited to try everything. They had sent me: .colour illuminating shampoo-250ml .colour illuminating conditioner-250ml .coloured dry shampoo-150ml
They cost £3.50 each!
Iam really impressed with the dry shampoo, it smells divine! the best smelling dry shampoo i have ever tried, it has a slight fruity sent to it. It does not leave grey in your hair like some dry shampoos do, i defiantly recommend this dry shampoo over all of the ones i have ever used.
The shampoo & conditioner is also currently one of my favourites also, they leave your hair smelling,looking and feeling fresh,  the conditioner makes your hair feeling so so soft especially when youve left the conditioner in your hair for 2mins + before rinsing it out.. thats it for now! Thankyou gorgeouspr &  Thankyou you guys for reading! Love Gem <3

Mini haul

^Top: with coat, bottom: without coat

Who doesnt like a haul?
So i have wanted to try the rimmel apocalips lip lacquers for a while and decided today is the day to get my hands on a couple...
when i went into boots, I was a bit taken away with how many different ones they had, but decided on two:
.Nude eclipse

My favourite out of the two would have to be the "nude eclipse" who doesnt love a nude lip?
 Find that they are long lasting, full in colour and great for just over £6 each!
deffiantly recommend.

The last item i purchased was this simple but cute white top from Topshop (one of my favourite shops..)
 it would look great with high waisted leggings/jeans with a long necklace or with a cute skirt!
for only £6 cant really go wrong!

Thats it for tonight everyone.
Thankyou for reading,
Hope youve had a great weekend.
love Ge

Mini Skincare & Haircare Haul

Hello everyone, so yesterday i went with my sister to go food shopping and ended up buying skincare and haircare items instead..(like we do...)
so i decided to post a blog post about what i ended up buying!

Here it goes:
.Wella thickening lotion - £3.49, Boots
.Toni & Guy prep heat protection 150ml
.Waitrose pure cleansing wash - reduced 99p!, Waitrose
.Waitrose pure eye makeup remover - reduced 99p!, Waitrose
.Nivea refreshing facial cleansing wipes - £1.25, Waitrose
to be honest i feel like i got a bargain..

Wella thickening lotion:
This is supposed to help fight the signs of ageing hair, such as thinness, lack of shine and lack of volume, so your hair looks younger, vibrant and shiny.. all in this 100ml pump bottle.

I feel that it does give you volume & thickness for the first time you use it but however the second day of prewashed hair, my hair was slightly flat..
however if your wanting a extra volume for a night then i recommend this product!

Toni & Guy prep heat pr…

Madame LA LA Tan

Evening everyone!
So the lovely people at madame la la really kindly sent me this 200ml self tan mousse which costs £36!

wondering how it works as a tanning mousse?:
It ensures that your tan looks natural whilst adapting to your original/individual skin tone it gives you the lovely tan you are looking for in 3 hours without damaging your skin..
The tan also has great hydrating benefits such as Green tea, Coco water, Aloe & vitamin E it also has a built in hydrator perfect!

How to use the mousse?:
.Do not shake the bottle!
.Exfoliate skin
.Moisturise well especially dry areas
.Pump mousse directly onto skin & smooth all over (better to use a glove)
.Do no dress until 5 minutes (otherwise you will stain clothes)
.Wash hands
.Shower after 10 hours at least..
wolaah you have yourself a lovely tan without damaging your skin..

At first i wasnt so sure about this tan, I firstly practised onto my legs, I realised that i had a few tanning streaks which d…

Rings & Tings

Hello guys, first things first if you are looking for super affordable, quality jewellery then go to
Look at above pictures to see what fab items i recieved this morning in the post...( really excitedly)... so beautiful, Iam really loving the cat ears ring, I have wanted one of these before but never getting one, So iam super happy with this ring & for only £3.50.. a bargain!
I am in love with my items, I defiantly recommend anyone/everyone to go and look on the site now!

Honestly i feel like this is going to be one of my favourite online sites to go to,they have so many lovely items!
Here is a treat.. to get 10% off your order type in `STYLECARD10`at the checkout...go go go :)

Thats it for now lovelies,
hope your having a great evening, Thankyou for reading,
Love Gem

Nikki Stark Jewellery

The lovely Nikki from nikkistarkjewellery Really kindly sent me these two gorgeous rings!
She handmakes super beautiful jewellery, which anyone would love.
I Seem to be loving mid rings, so these were perfect for me,
I love that they're plain so you can add other different accessories to your hands/fingers.
My favourite out of the two.. its hard to pick but I would say the "Rocking wishbone 9ct gold white gold ring" (on the right) is my favourite and I seem to be wearing this one everyday.

Both of the rings are super comfortable, doesnt leave any marks on fingers and look great! This is why you pay more.. for comfort, quality and the beauty of it!
I love these rings and I think you should defiantly go and check her site out, so many beautiful items, you would want to buy everything!
Would like to thank Nikki again,
thankyou all for reading
hope your having a great evening.
Love Gem x

Sniffy Wiffy

So your most probably like er sniffy wiffy? EW?
no.. sniffy wiffy, their products are so amazing!
I have never heard of sniffy wiffy, untill the other day, the lovely people sent me this generous size 300g strawberry body scrub for me to try...
Even when it was all packed i could smell the scent of strawberry, so i was pretty excited,
opened it and it smelt AMAZING!

I applied in a circular motion on wet skin after bath/shower, paying more attention on any dry or rough patches and then rinsed off with warm water.. tada,
It has olive oil in which made my skin feeling and looking super soft.
They also donate money from the chosen product to charity which is great!
highly recommend sniffy wiffy to all of you wanting to smell amazing.

Thankyou sniffy wiffy for letting me try this awesome scrub!
thats it for now,
thankyou for reading!
Love Gem

Signature Fragrances Review

I have wanted to get my hands on and try signature fragrances for a little while now, So i was happy when Signature Fragrances sent me these two little fragrances in cute little bags..

They had sent me:
.Lurre, pure perfume
.Deja VU, pure perfume
My favourite out of the two would defiantly have to be 'lurre' it has asweet and fresh scent to it with hints of strawberry, vanilla musk scent, it also reminds me of more of a grown up, modern smell which I love and you will defiantly be getting compliments wearing this perfume!

What i find is great about this site, is that you can now buy the samples of the perfumes before buying a full sized bottle and not knowing what it will smell like.. these samples will last a month, which is super, to see if you like the smell enough to buy a bigger size!
Also great delivery service!
 I recommend you having a look at the website,
Thats it for now thanks Signature Fragrances and for you guys for reading.
Love Gem

ST.Kitts Herbery

I had never really heard of St.Kitts Herbery before, untill a little while ago on bloggers love.
They had kindly sent me this lovely gift set to try out,
In the gift bag:
Rosemary & Bergamot Hair & Body Wash, 50mlRosemary & Bergamot Moisture Lotion, 50mlRosemary & Bergamot Guest Soap, 15g  , The scent is not what i would normally go for, however it has areally 1 herbal scent to it which i do actually like. My favourite out of the three items would have to be the moisture lotion as it leaves your skin feeling super refreshed and moisturising..
I find that these little sized items would be great to put in a guest bathroom.. they would love you!

Have you used any St.Kitts Herbery products before?

thankyou st.kitts herbery!
thankyou everyone for reading,
Thats it for now,
Love Gem

Zoella beauty range review

Hello everyone, Iam sorry that it has been a little while since ive last posted... I have been really busy with family stuff as it's the Christmas holidays,  I decided to review my opinions on the Zoella range so here it is :) Items im reviewing: .makeup bag .soak opera bath & shower cream .lets glow fragranced candle
FIrstly, the makeup bag is super super cute! I mean why wouldn't you fall in love with it? A guinea pig with glasses...soo cute!  Soo much space to put all of your makeup in, you could also use it to put your smellies in as its bigger than a average makeup bag and the  Bag is great quality.. I really want to go and get the other one now..
The soak opera bath and shower cream smells so gorgeous and you dont need to run alot of it under the water to get a decent amount of bubbles, just run a slight amount under the water.. then your have your lovely smelling bubbles..
I love candles so the 'lets glow' candle is one of my favourites from the zo…