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Lyla Loves

Hello guys! I recieved a cute parcel in the post this morning, I was/still am super excited!
If you havent (where have you been) heard of Lyla Loves, they're a site that uploads gorgeous new products such as jewellery, bags ect to the site every week, with amazing prices!

They had sent me this gorgeous gold cut out bird bracelet, which I love, it reminds me of when i was younger and all i made were origami birds out of patterned paper (good times).
How pretty is this bracelet? For only £3.00 I was amazed at the price, If i hadn't seen how much it was I would defiantly think it would be alot more as the quality of the bracelet is great and it just looks alot more expensive!
The delivery was so so quick, defiantly go and check the site, guarantee you will love pretty much everything!
Thankyou so much Lylaloves, it is now one of my favourite bracelets i own, Thankyou to all of you for reading,
Thats it for now,
Love Gem

Gauci candle

Looking for candles that you can smell before burning them?

Hello guys,
I wanted to show you how lovely this Gauci candle smells!
The lovely Mr G sent me this Energy wake up call candle, it is Orange/Lemon/Mandarin/Spearmint from the aromatherapy range.

All candles are soy waxed and are guaranteed to contain no petroleumm paraffin or beeswax products and all of the soy wax candles are 100% vegetable.
After a long hard and stressful day this candle is just the thing for relaxing, it smells amazing as soon as you take the candle lid off without even having to burn the candle wick, for only £8.50 i feel like its worth the price and super affordable comparing to loads of other candles.
I love that they are in tins, so much easier to look after and without the candle getting ruined!
It is such a great gifting idea, or even if your buying them for yourself, They also do a big range of other awesome candles,
Defiantly recommend go check them out at
Thankyou so much to…

Limitless Bags review

How cute does this bag look?

Hell guys, so Ive been missing my dog max (Labrador) recently as I haven't been staying home for a few months now & was super happy when i received this adorable 3d Labrador bag from the lovely people at limitlessbagsuk.
These bags are 100% handmade in EU with the best quality materials, the pictures are digitally imprinted onto the fabric fibres, so that the pattern/image wont fade after washing.

They have all different designs from Dogs,Cats,Horses to beach style bags and to be honest it was hard to choose which bag I wanted, I also really love the look of the husky and the smiling pug bags they're so cool!
I love that they come with a pocket inside, not only that, but a cute patterned pocket, the quality of the bag is great and its pretty thick which is handy to bring slightly heavier things around with me such as my tablet, purse ect..
Most bags that i have similar to this don't have a zip up the top which annoys me, but this one does…

K7 Jewellery haul

Hello guys!
You should know by now that I love jewellery/body jewellery, The lovely people at karmase7en asked me if i wanted to review any of the products...
KarmaSe7en is a unique jewellery/body jewellery place that sell nose piercings, ear studs, plugs/tunnels, other body piercing items even storage boxes to keep them all safe in!
They also have a buy one choose one for free on everything! Which is awesome.
They sent me:
.4 mixed colour jeweled nose studs (revolution pack) £5.99
.Sillicon plug hider 12mm, £2.49
.Violet heart crystal ear studs £3.99
.Bioplast nose piercing retainer £1.95
.Wood plug, cat £3.95
.Wood plug, stars £3.95
.Retro storage box, record player £6.99

I was super excited receiving this parcel, everything is perfect!
and adds a different level to my jewellery,
the plug hiders & the nose piercing retainers are so perfect if your going to work/school/college/wherever your going, where your not aloud to wear showable piercings, Iam pretty happy with these especi…

Mini haul

Hey guys, so the other day I felt abit gloomy and had to get out & do something, so I decided just to go and look around some shops... I ended up picking up 3 clothing items from Primark & Select..

.Houndstooth jumper - Select
.Glittery top (one picture, will insert another soon) - Primark
.Red collar top/jumper - Primark

My favourite purchase out of the 3 would defiantly have to be the Houndstooth jumper from select, Iam loving Houndstooth print and monochrome right now, so its perfect and for only £6.00 from £12.00/15.00? pretty damn good :)

The glittery top was a random purchase, it was mainly because I dont own many glittery tops anymore and felt like it was a great way to say i needed it! ;)

Okay the red collar shirt.. I never really wear red but I feel like it suits me in a odd way? Also it is not just red, its pretty much all white at the back of the shirt which i love! You could wear it with anything from a skirt, to skinny jeans/leggings.. couldn't go wrong...


Exuviance skincare review

Hello everyone! I had recently heard about Exuviance skincare, The lovely people sent me these lovely items to try out and review to you the items I got are:
.Soothing toning lotion .purifying cleansing gel .Gentle cleansing creme .Evening restorative complex .Rejuvenating treatment masque
Recently my skincare routine has been a bit mixed up using different products, but since I recieved these items I have stuck to a much better skin routine.. At first I take my makeup off using makeup wipes,  then use the purifying cleansing gel, wash face, gentle cleansing creme, wash, rejuvenating treatment masque, wait for 15 minutes, wash, soothing toning lotion, wash, massage evening restorative complex onto face...Clean smooth skin :) 
Iam loving these products, especially the rejuvenating treatment masque, you leave it on for about 15 minutes? It is a clear masque so you can actually see how much makeup/dirt you haven't washed of (sounds gross, but its a great masque and really d…

Superdrug Haul

Left to right: nude, divine, mystify.

Hello guys,
I bought quite alot from superdrug so I decided to show You all what I purchased... :)

.Revolution foundation - natural
.Revolution pressed powder -translucent
.MUA liquid eyeliner - shade 5
.Revolution concealer - Fair
.MUA eyeliner pencil - jet black
.Revolution nail polish - cool days
.Revolution lipstick - divine
.Revolution lipstick - mystify
.Revolution lipstick - nude

At the moment every superdrug (also online) have a great deal, they're doing all makeup 3 for 2, not just that but they are giving you a free #makeup bag free to you every 3 makeup items you buy...
I bought 9 makeup items which meant I also got 3 free makeup bags!

As it was 3 for 2, all of this cost me only £7.50! how bizzare, I was so happy :)
Iam loving everything i got, I recommend you guys to go over to superdrug before the offer stops, otherwise you may kick yourselves...
anyway thats it for now!

Thankyou for reading,

Paw Paw review

Hello everyone!
I have had alot about the pawpaw papaya moisturiser and the lovely people  sent me a 25 tube to try out.

Paw paw has been grown and cultivated in Australia since the 1800`s!
The Australians had been using extract of pawpaw fruit to treat  different skin conditions for as much as 100 years now and is now finally available in the UK! :D

The 25g tube retails at only £5.99,
I have to say that this is my favourite moisturiser ever!
I thought i would never say this as iam a huge nivea fan, but recently with nivea i broke out and got itchy (ew)
but since ive been using the pawpaw moisturiser it has made my skin look/feeling great! With no breakout or itchyness.

It moisturises dry, sensitive, chaffed and irritated skin & can be used by people who are prone to eczema , dermatitis, psoriasis and can be used on children!
I highly recommend this moisturiser to everyone! It really does wonders to your skin, your skin will also feel super soft, you dont need alot to p…

Body Jewellery Shop items

Hello Guys, So today I recieved an awesome package from I have been looking to get new nose studs as I only have nose rings and fancied a change.. Body Jewellery Shop has loads of awesome earpiercing jewellery items, You just want everything!
Items I got: .Flower nose stud £2.95 .Crystal nose stud £3.50 .Jewelled tunnel £3.95
The rainbow flower nose stud is super cute, perfect to wear whenever, it is 1.0mm surgical steel, it feels comfortable in my nose, ALOT comfier than it did wearing a nose ring, it pretty much feels like you dont have a piercing in for only £ 2.95, you cant go wrong!

Crystal nose studs have always had my eye, but i never decided to buy one, however this nose stud is Bioplast meaning it is flexible allowing movement to minimise risk of injury to any piercing, which i think is pretty much perfect, I feel the comfort of this nose stud woud have to be 9 out of 10, mainly because i dont like wearing hooks/a curve in piercings, but if it was s…

#LipGlam review

Hello guys! So a few days ago I was sent the lipglam multipurpose moisturiser,  I decided it was time to do a little review about it.. at first i thought it was just a lip balm, but I was wrong, LipGlam have managed to put everything into one multi-tasker, so you dont need to bring loads of different products into your handbag.. here are the other multipurpose things you can use this for: .Lip balm .Cuticle ointment .Split end soother .Lip and mascara primer .Eyebrow balm .Soothes Chafing and Rashes .Dry skin relief all of that for only £9.99!
I feel that it works mainly as a lip balm, eyebrow balm and as a dry skin relief, its so smooth, not too messy,  this is a product that you have to warm up, ive never had a product like this before..just me?
.Warm up #lipbalm between your thumb and finger .Dab on area to be treated  .Smooth skin at the ready
 This product is defiantly worth the £9.99 and it lasts for 8 hours, so i defiantly recommend this to anyone! It is also 10…

Mini Clothing haul

Hey guys!
As you all should know by now, England is well known for rubbish weather however Monday morning was so lovely, I decided to do some shopping,
So here are some of the items I bought:

.Black dress with floral pattern - Riverisland, £11.00
.Turtle neck jumper - Primark, £5.00
.Patterned burgandy top - Dorothy Perkins, £5.00
.2 part Arrow necklace - Primark, £2.00

So altogether it cost me £23.00! (A happy bunny)

I love the detailing on the riverisland dress, I feel like I can wear it wherever I go, I can dress it up or down, by just adding a statement necklace (just like the one i have in the photo) and reduced to only £11.00 I just had to have it! Anyone else like this?

The turtle neck jumper is literally one of the most snug thing I own besides my fluffy panda was originally £8.00 reduced to £5.00 which is also a great bargain! defiantly recommend you get one if you have a Primark near you :)

How gorgeous is this burgandy patterned top?
I fell inlove with the colo…