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Ogx B5 range

Hello lovelies,
As you may of seen before I have reviewed ogx products before which I loved, so I was super excited to try out the B5 range❤
These have a blend of vitamin B5 & pro vitamin B which helps nourish every strand of stressed hair whilst helping damaged areas to get your hair back to looking and feeling healthier again.
Ogx kindly sent me the:
B5 shampoo
B5 conditioner
B5 oil mist

I am loving this range already!
Firstly I apply the shampoo to wet hair, massage, rinse hair thoroughly, follow with the conditioner mainly towards the ends (as my ends were still slightly damaged) I then wait around 5-10 minutes depending on the condition of my hair, rinse, I then super carefully towel dry my hair, spray the weightless oil mist generously to my hair. I then wait for most of my hair to dry and then using the hair dryer on the coolest setting to dry the rest of the hair... Wolahh hair all done❤

Not only does it smell amazing, it reminds me of summery goodness, if you love sweet smells…

Meditation cushion

Hello guys/girls, sorry for the lack of the blog posts recently, I have been super busy but will be catching up with my posts from now on ❤
I received this lovely natural meditation cushion from bykidesigns, it is a simple but pretty way of sitting on the floor but with more comfort, it is a great way of sitting outside also, but try not to get it muddy... For someone who has hayfever (like me) it helps abit by sitting on this rather than straight onto the grass.
It does flatten whilst sitting on it for too long but after a while it aerates again 😊
Iam loving the pattern around the edge, it is super pretty, it would be great if they did other colours so you could mix & match.
Here is a code if you would like 25% discount: SERENE25
Thankyou bykidesigns,
Thankyou for reading