Topshop haul

Hi everyone,
so firstly I decided to change my blog around for a new start!

I always seem to shop in topshop but had never shopped online, so i gave it a go.
I found that it was quick and easy but also the delivery was quick and on time as the website says standard delivery in the UK is up to 4 working days..
I ordered 7 items:
1.Boobtube Bandeau tunic - rose
2.Boobtube Bandeau tunic - white
3.Black comic slogan tights
4.Skull bracelet
5.Basic crop top - black
6. Lipstick - Whimsical
7. Eyeliner kohl pencil - coal
as i spent over £30 i got free delivery.. Yay :)

I really like the fitting of the boobtube tunic's but i found that they really squish my boobs too much so im debating if i should change them for a different size or get something else?
the black comic slogan tights are super cool, not too thin/ not too thick, i defiantly recommend that you buy these especially if your comic fans or just love the style they're only £4.00 at the moment, so cant go wrong!
skull bracelet is super pretty and sparkly but way too big and falls of my arm, so im going to have to take it back :( boo,,
the basic crop top is super comfy and fits so well, i really recommend the basic crop tops to everyone, even if you think your too 'big' or havent got the 'body' for them, you can always wear high waisted shorts/skirts with them and still pull it off!..

                                                                             Lipstick - Whimsical
I honestly love this lipstick! it is by far one of my favorite is such a beautiful pink/nude colour, its so smooth with a matte finish, all you need in a lipstick and like all of the other topshop lipsticks..the pretty packaging/design <3  

Eyeliner kohl - coal 
I am pretty happy with this eyeliner pencil, all you need
is one stroke of the pencil to get the result you would want, i would also recommend this pencil to anyone who wouldnt want to spend loads of money on a eyeliner pencil but would still want one that works just as well as a more priced one!..

thankyou for reading, please leave comments or questions below :D Im happy to be back in the blogging world, Gem xx


  1. Great, great post! Have a lovely day ;D


    ohh I would love to follow you if you'd do the same for me ;)


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