They're real! Push-up liner - Benefit review


Benefit & Boots have teamed up for a couple of weeks, So you trade in any old eyeliner (pencil or liquid) and they give you they're mini version of the 'They're Real! Push-up liner' for free! So you can then try before you buy the full sized product.

'They're real push-up liner' is the first ever lash-hugging gel liner pen,
Theres a smooth lash-hugging guard below from the tip of the liner which gently pushes your lashes aside so you get closer to the lash-line.. I think this is a great idea, why hasn't anyone ever thought of this? Benefit your so clever!.
.Its Waterproof
.No smudging throughout the day
.It could get flaky if you apply too much!(so dont apply soo much)
.It dries too quickly, So if you made any mistakes while applying, You may not beable to get back to the mistakes (only downside really).

You defiantly need practice for this liner, Dont judge it from your first application/first time using it, It was coming out all weird and uneven the first time I started to use it, But more practice it defiantly comes out alot better! Im still finding it slightly hard to get used to as Imo used to using liquid for a few years now, but Imo sure I will get the hang of it soon.
Dont forget that this is not a liquid liner!
Its a gel liner which means it will be drier than normal liquid ones.

Overall i think it is a great gel liner, although i feel that it may be slightly too over priced for what it is, is this just me?
It costs £18.50 in Benefit stores, it is a good price to pay if your going to use it everyday and get great use out of it, but for me If i was in a hurry getting ready i wouldn't pick this liner i would defiantly pick the Benefit 'Magic Ink' liquid eyeliner which is £15.50 as it is easier and quicker to use.
I will keep using this until it runs out and see if it changes my mind to buy the full sized product or not.

Thanks for reading,
Enjoy the rest of your day/night