Hello everyone!
first things first, if your looking for affordable but quality t-shirts then have a look on itiswhatitis website!
the lovely guy from itiswhatitis kindly surprised me with these awesome personlised t-shirts,
Pink and blue t`s with "itsgemmaaarrr" printed on both, how cool does it look?
can i just say, when i opened the package, i was super excited and extremely happy with these..
Couldn't help but try them on pretty much straight away!

itiswhatitis produces a huge range of quality printed t-shirts from funny/geek/cute ect and have been trading online since 2001, theyre orders are also first class, so super quick delivery is also a plus!
Also if you live in the UK the postage is only £1.50! so awesome!

he had sent me the fitted versions of the t`s which i love as i love fitted things however i would also like for them to be a looser fitting just so that they would feel more comfortable and then i could wear them with my fitted leather leggings.

 i would defiantly recommend this site to anyone!
great customer service, great delivery, awesome quality!
Thankyou so so much to itiswhatitis!
& Thankyou guys for reading!
Hope your all having a lovely evening,

love Gem


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