Wanting beautiful nails but dont have time to paint or style your nails?
Hey gals/guys..
I was lucky to try out some beautiful nails from NailGals,
All of the designs they have are pretty stunning and also unique,
I got to try the mint green leopard print oval nails, how cool do they look?
They come beautifully packed and safely so the nails dont get ruined, They coat the nails twice using a high quality topcoat, nail glue and instructions are also included (you can use nail adhesive tabs if you prefer) 
You can also choose a glossy or matte finish

They are so easy to apply, I have never applied nails on using glue, but I can safely say the first time I used it, It was a success!
They also last, you can also re-use them!

 I would defiantly recommend Nailgals to people who doesn't want to spend too much money getting nails done or if you just dont have the time painting and designing your nails, this is the website:
Thankyou to the gals at Nailgals and Thankyou you guys for reading!


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