Looking for stunning but comfy lingerie?
Hello Girls, I wanted to talk about a membership which I feel like you would love!

Haute Hips is a monthly/yearly depending whichever you chose, membership program that gives you gorgeous, comfy, stylish lingerie.
You receive two pairs of Haute Hips lingerie delivered right to your door!
They're different styles from thongs, bikini style, pants & boy shorts, everytime you will receive new & different styles, new fabrics every month.
Go on treat yourself!
It is exciting to see what style lingerie you receive every month

How pretty are the ones I received?
Iam in love with the pink thong, I mean look at how stunning the pattern is? They are super comfy too!
Definitely go and check out Haute Hips website <3

Thankyou Haute Hips!
& Thankyou everyone for reading,
Love Gem


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