Hi impact brows

Wanting perfect brows?

 (Hair looks so short from not straightening it..but look at the brows)

Hey lovelies,
As you may or may not know, I love quick & easy products when it comes to brows, what's the point in purchasing something that's going to take a long time and doesn't look great?
A week ago I was lucky to try a brow palette called hiimpact brows, I have been using it everyday since I received it.
It is a multitasking eye & brow palette, meaning other than using it for your brows, you can also use these for eyeshadow/eyeliner!

You can also mix the colours together to get the perfect shade, I tend to mix Spice & Mocha together to get my intense brow look or if im going for a more natural look then I would mix Ash & Spice for a softer brow.
I also use Mocha for the outer crease of my eye to get a nice smokey eye effect, It is so quick and easy to do & I love that it shows you what to do if your not sure on the back of the packaging.

I love this palette, the first time I used it, I could defiantly see this being one of my all time favourite brow products, it is such a great multitasking product, If you dont have alot of money to buy eyeliner, eyeshadow, brow products and even bronzer.. you just need to buy this! The powders are highly pigmented & glides on straight away, normally with brow products I chuck away the brushes and use my brow brush, but I like using this angled brush, I feel that it has more of a grip feel, making it super sturdy and comfortable when filling the brows.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this product, this is one of my march beauty favourites, you can buy this palette at Sephora & Lookfantastic,
Have a look @hiimpactbrows Instagram to see other looks created with this palette.
Thankyou so much hiimpactbrows & Thankyou for reading, hope your having a lovely evening,
Love Gem


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