Bodhi & Birch Detox Scrub Review

Ever wanted to try a detox scrub but too worried that it will be harmful for you skin?
This detox scrub has himalayan salt crystals and reviving essential oils to protect and strengthen skin.
It also slows down the skins ageing process (Bonus! hehe).

Bodhi & Birch creates eco luxury bath, body & skin care products without the harsh synthetics.

Bodhi & Birch kindly sent me a cute parcel that had this 80g Rosemary Chi Himalayan detox scrub hidden under brown textured layered paper.
I have slightly dry skin and never really think to use a detox body scrub as I always worry if i may damage my skin and make it more dry than it already is,
With this scrub you gently massage it to damp skin, using a circular motion to help get all of the areas your wanting to get to, you then rinse of with Warm water..
(Do Not Apply To Face).
I actually love this scrub and would defiantly recommend this detox scrub to anyone! When I used this the first time the scrub felt smooth with no roughness at all, it leaves your skin feeling so so soft & smooth through out the day.
The smell of Rosemary chi is not my kind of smells i would pick up in store for a bath item, but as you start smelling it more you actually start to love the smell, it also reminds me of Autumn/Winter and theyre my favorite seasons of the year, so you can not go wrong!

You can buy this Detox scrub or any other of the Bodhi & Birch products online at
or you can buy them in store at Stanwells and Les Senteurs.
The scrub is £35 which i think is really good as you dont need to use alot of it in one go, so your actually saving money instead of buying loads of different mini scrubs!
I dont have any concerns about this product, I just love it!

Thankyou to Bodhi & Birch for this opportunity again!
Thanks for reading


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