More Fun Than Fame

Always running out of phone battery when going out?
Takkoda (Pets Rock) really kindly asked if i would like to try one of the portable power banks, I have always liked pets rock.. why wouldn't you? The characters are related on famous people but in a funny/cute/weird way.
The Portable power bank is basically a super clever idea!
It is a portable charger that allows four full mobile phone charges, Two full smart-phone charges or a full Tablet boost it also has 2x USB ports so you can charge two phones at one time!
You can also see how much charge it has left by slightly touching the image (character) and 1/ 4 blue lights will light up.
Normally when you buy a power bank it has only one sub port & charges 1 full charge, So I love this idea/product
So you can picture a huge smile on my face when i received this.. (silly me).
So much fun than a boring plain colour power bank.
 I defiantly think it is worth £19.99 It is Lightweight, Slim, Ideal for your handbag or even pocket, Lasts alot longer than the average power charging banks..
You will Never run out of battery again, Unless you leave it at home (But that will be silly)
I really love this, at least people now can not moan at me for not having my phone on..

Takkoda also sells other things as well as the power bank from T-shirts, Cushions, Mugs, Phone accessories.. You should go and check them out :)
Anyway thats it for now
Thank-you to Takkoda for this awesome opportunity again!
More Fun Than Fame!
Thanks for reading & Happy Halloween guys!


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