SBC Makeup

Looking for a flawless foundation?

Previously I have blogged about the SBC Makeup before, 
but I really wanted to find a flawless foundation and powder, 
I feel like i have found my go to foundation and powder,
SBC sent me the 
.Creme base foundation in light
.Loose mineral foundation in light

 I have heard/seen mixed reviews on the creme base foundation..some people were saying that its too orange, but I my opinion is that when you apply it onto your hand and not blending it in, obviously its going to look slightly orange as you haven't blended it in onto your skin! 
but i applied this creme base foundation onto my face using a sponge which you can also get from SBC, and it did not look orange at all, it matched my skin perfectly and I highly recommend this creme foundation, its not too thick either which is always good!

 I had not seen/heard reviews on the loose mineral powder, but I needed to find a new mineral powder as i was getting slightly bored using the same one all of the time, so i really wanted to give this one a go, I must say that the powder gets pretty messy but that goes with every mineral powder! Other than that I really like it, I apply it over the creme foundation using a kabuki powder brush, it applies easily, its not too dark or light, matches my skin tone fairly well, it also lasts a long while! So i also recommend this mineral powder too!

To be honest I recommend you to go to the SBC website and have a browse! 
defiantly worth the money!
anyway Thats it for now, hope you are having a lovely day!
Thankyou to the lovely people at SBC!
and Thankyou you guys for reading.
love Gem


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