Pink Parcel, march box

Its a monthly thing!

Pink Parcel is a monthly box for women on there `time of the month`, you can also get a box for teens, 
Firstly you select a brand, tell them your dates, recieve your parcel, its that simple.

 I got sent this box from pink parcel as it was for international womens day, I think its a great way of cheering women/girls on the the stressful time of the month,
You recieve your pads/tampons in two boxes and a little cute drawstring bag, to place in your bag for on the go, you also get a treats box which is supposed to cheer you up, it certainly cheered me up, I got the 

.OPI nail polish in I sing in colour
.Paw paw moisturising balm
.Divine dark chocolate, caramel
.Tea pigs chocolate flake tea
.Perfectil tablets
.Bubble T bath bombs

The treats box will pretty much be different every month, which is great,
I feel that its handy if your shy when buying `the time of the month` items in store,
Or if your spending too much money on them,
pink parcel is a reasonable fair price as your also getting other things which would normally cost more than £20 anyway.
I recommend that you girlies sign up to Pink Parcel,

Anyway thats it for now,
hope youve had a lovely day,
Thankyou for reading! 
Love Gem


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