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Hello guys, If you haven't heard about The library of fragrance sprays, then you are just about too!
They sell all different scents from Apple pie, babypowder, caramel even playdoh!!!
You can smell/buy them over at boots, they are only £15.00 each or 2 for £25.00 on an ongoing promotion.
The first one I got was the scent Thunderstorm` basically imagine after a summer storm, the smell of freshly ripped leaves, hints of wet  earth. It does wear down which I do prefer.

With the library of fragrance scents you can layer and combine scents to create new versions to suit you! Its a fun idea, So I paired thunderstorm with the scent `Cherry Blossom`, Cherry blossom is such a fruity, fresh, sweet scent, it smells just like cherries.. Smells amazing!

So after combining the two scents it makes the scent more different to any other scent/more mysterious. I feel like you only need one spray of the thunderstorm and then by adding two sprays of the cherry blossom as I prefer more fruity/sweet scents.
I defiantly recommend you guys going to boots and smell some of the library of fragrance range, Im sure you will find scents you love and at a great price too, or you can go and visit the website.
Thankyou so much libraryoffragrance,
Thankyou you guys for reading.
Love Gem <3


  1. Having a love affair with this brand at the moment!!

  2. Love that they have soo many different scents!! Smell amazing


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