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Wanting to buy a more personal gift for your loved ones?

Hello guys, I received a lovely package from the super lovely people at venuswithlove, They sell v-lockets, which you can customise by choosing whether it being a necklace or a bracelet, and which charms, dangles and chains you want.
I find this is a great way to keep those memories you have and create a necklace/bracelet for your loved ones as a gift or even for yourself!

The first necklace:
.24" long silver chain
.Crystal silver v-locket
.Feet pink
.minnie mouse
.back plate - dream
.Gemini symbol

The reason to why I chose these is because I wanted to give a special something to my sister, so I wanted it to mean something, I chose the pink feet because we are twin sisters & it means we have always been together since day one, that is also the reason to why I had chosen the Gemini symbol, but also because we are both a Gemini!
I had chosen the `dream` & Minnie mouse as we both promised that one day we will both go to Disney land, the camera - because we both have a huge passion in photography and also studied photography at college, all together I love this necklace & my sister was pretty chuffed with it too <3

The second necklace was for myself which venuswithlove helped me customise:
.24" long silver chain
.Dangle rose-cream
.Flower- daisy
.Flower - white
.live love laugh
.Dangle feather
.Silver G initial

I love that the outline of the v-locket is white, as I love how it looks smart and cute at the same time, the reason to why we picked `blog`, `faith` & `live,love,laugh is to remind me to have faith in what I love doing (blogging).
The reason to why I have daisys, white flowers is because I love flowers ( as you may see the white flowers pop up on my blog and instagram) and because I wanted to keep with the chic style.
Iam absolutely inlove with this necklace, I cant say Thankyou enough to venuswithlove!

defiantly go check the website, Im sure you will cheer someone up with one of these just like they did me..even better when ordering if you use my name, you will get a percentage off  your order!


Thankyou so much again venuswithlove!
Thankyou guys for reading,
Love Gem


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