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hello guys, if you follow me on instagram you would of seen that i received a lovely parcel from HaskHair.
I really wanted to try out a new shampoo & conditioner as the ones i have beem using has made my hair feel like its too used to it, whicn is never good, as my hair starts to look all dull and lifeless.. so i was super excited to start using a new brand.

They had sent me the:
.Thickening shampoo
.Thickening conditioner
.Root thickening spray
.Intense deep conditioning treatment
.Nourishing deep conditioner
.Smoothing deep conditioner
.Hydrating deep conditioning treatment
.Nourishing shine oil
.Smoothing shine oil
.Healing shine treatment
.Revitalizing shine treatment

They do all different ranges, they had sent me the Mint almond oil thickening range Which does smell lovely, if you like the smell of mint aero chocolate, it pretty smells like that!
Normally im pretty spectacle about trying thickening hair products as i feel they never work, but from using all of these products i can safely say, that i have defiantly noticed a difference in appearance of my hair as well as feel.. you can defiantly tell when i have used these as my hair looks pretty thick & shiny!
I also really loved using the coconut nourishing deep conditioner, it smelt amazing and did wonders to my hair.
 I would defiantly recommend this brand!

Thankyou so much HaskHair!
Thankyou guys for reading,
love Gem


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