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Hello guys and girls,
 I had been searching for decent cream/moisturizer as now and then i get rough/dry skin, Ishga skincare super kindly sent me out the anti-oxidant marine cream, which i could try out.
Firstly the packaging! It looks so neat and I love it,

I apply a slight amount (dont need to use alot for a good coverage) to cleansed skin daily, you don't have to just use it for your face it can be used anywhere, which I done.
I found that it may be fairly expensive however it will last you alot longer than your regular cream.. so you will be saving money.
These few weeks that I have used it, these are the benefits of what i have discovered by using it:
.Brightens my skin
.Gives a glow look
.Refreshed skin
.No more rough/dry areas
oh and I forgot to mention, its cruelty free which is a bonus!
Defiantly go check out the website
Thankyou so much Ishga,
Thankyou guys & girls for reading
Love Gem


  1. I'm loving ishga at the moment :)
    Great review s

    1. They're great arnt they? Thankyou lovely x


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