AEOS skincare review

    Active Energised Organic Skincare 

Looking for a new skincare routine?
AEOS is a organic natural skincare with no synthetics, toxic chemicals.
Also created with extracts and essential oils of herbs and plants aswell as vitamin E from natural sources.
All of the AEOS products are designed to be used together as a full skincare routine which will enable a chance to bring out a different level of radiance within your skin, also feeling hydrated/fresh.

Above is the AEOS Optimal essentials kit designed for maximum hydration, which includes:
.Cleansing oil de-Maq 30ml
.Dew facial wash 30ml
.Gentle Cleansing lotion 10ml
.Gentle exfoliant 10ml
.Energising conditioner 10ml
.Refreshing hydrating mist 30ml
.Realive serum 30ml
.Enriching moisturiser 10ml
.Beauty body shower 10ml
.Beauty body lotion 10ml

I hadn't done a skincare review for a while, so I was super excited to review these products, 
I love that they're travel sized, making sure your skin is still healthy & glowing whilst away.

My skin had started to get super dry and red from all different things such as stress, changing of weather, lack of sleep, change of foundation.. so I needed a new skincare routine of which I could trust, the first product I tried from this range was the cleansing oil De- Maq with a clean cloth, I have tried cleansing oils before, but nothing compared to this, It made my skin looking and feeling so much more hydrated, clean, smooth way before I used anymore of the products.

I then used the refreshing hydrating mist, I decided to spray it onto my beauty blending sponge and then apply my foundation with it on, it made me feeling awake, hydrated, it had also applied my foundation on alot easier, quicker & looked so much better than normal, I found out by using the mist + the blending sponge with the foundation, made me use less of the foundation product, which is a plus, this has to be my number one item for my morning product.

I used the enriching moisturiser before applying my makeup, it made my skin perfectly moisturised, but I do prefer the cleansing oil & the refreshing hydrating mist! 
All of the other items are great and has made a Huge difference with my skin and its not tested on animals which is always a good thing <3 
You can buy these products separately if you didn't want to buy the kits, highly recommend the cleansing oil & hydrating mist!
Thankyou so much AEOS for changing my skin routine, I love these products & Thankyou for reading!


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