Charms & Chains

^How beautiful is the necklace <3

Hey everyone!
This morning I woke up to a parcel which brightened up my day, from the lovely lady at Charms & Chains, if you haven't heard of them before..where have you been?
In the parcel was:
.The prinny midi ring
.Opal crystal point necklace
.Pug ring
.Hamsa hand ring
.Opal choker

The three rings are super cute, I love pugs & this ring is a must have for pug lovers, so much detail in one ring & only £4.50? <3
I also love disney (who doesn't?) So this crown ring is also perfect for me, its so cute & great for any ages.
Iam in love with this hamsa hand ring! Its so cute, I wear all three of these together, i feel like they're versatile so you can wear them with any other jewellery and it wouldn't be too much & still look great.

As you may know I seem to wear chokers pretty much all of the time.. This opal choker is awesome, I seem to always wear the ones which you slide over your head which ruins your hair.. but with this choker it has a opening which you loosen without messing your hair up, which I love, the opal detail is also stunning.

Okay so this Opal crystal point necklace has to be one of my favourites of the website! The colour in the photos looks amazing? Honestly in person its even more beautiful, I love crystal jewellery, my sister even wants it... I wear it with the opal choker and they both look great together and only £8.00 for this necklace! I will be taking more photos of me wearing these soon, I was just super excited to show you guys the stunning jewellery <3

If your looking for stunning/beautiful jewellery then go and look at, I feel that this site is now one of my favourite jewellery shops, so affordable, stunning and lovely service.

Thankyou so much Roxanne at charms & chains!
Thankyou everyone for reading,


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