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LissieDesign review

Evening lovelies,
Hope your all well, I seem to be loving silver jewellery right now, the lovely lady from Lissie design sent me this sterling silver bracelet,
She handmakes all of the jewellery sold on her etsy/website,
I love when you go on her etsy you can choose the size of the bracelet and the finish i.e shiny finish, okydizied finish, normally you can not do this, so I feel like it gives you that personlised touch.
I love how it comes in the lovely gift box with the ribbon around it, This bracelet is pretty versatile meaning I could really wear anything with it, as seen above Iam wearing the bracelet on its own but Im also wearing a choker & a necklace which is also silver to match this.
She has a range of different jewellery from arrow necklaces to winged earrings to locket necklaces, these are great for presents especially valentines day!
Have a look at her site, she sells so many lovely pieces :)
Instagram @lissiedesign

Thankyou Lissie & Thankyou for reading,
Love Gem


  1. So great you liked it! And it could be worn both ways.
    But I whink it looks best with the opening/hammered round ends on top of the wrist. Thank you for the great feature!

    Best wishes from Anne

  2. I wear it with the opening on top of the wrist ( it turned around whilst taking a photo) its lovely Thankyou :) x


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