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Glamour/Style 1 lashes^ 

Hello lovelies,
I hope your well, as you have may of seen before, I have written about Nouveau lashes before, but I'm here again talking about other items they sell <3
The items above are:
.Glamour/Style 1 lashes £6.99
.Natural/Style 1 lashes £6.99
.Natural/Style lashes £6.99
.Lash extension remover £9.99
.Eye makeup remover £14.99
.Conditioning serum £14.99

I was really excited when I received these items especially the eye makeup remover & the conditioning serum, I have been itching to use these.
My favorite lashes out of the three are definitely the Glamour/Style 1 lashes (as worn above) they look pretty natural but makes your lases look super volumized, they are so easy & comfortable to wear, lasts all day, you do not need to put tonnes of glue on either which is perfect!

The lash extension remover helps removes individual lashes applied by a Nouveau lashes technician, you brush the applicator on the lashes from root to tip, leave on around for 5 minutes ish, apply it over lashes again & slide the lash extensions off, it is a gentle formula, giving you conditioned lashes at the end.

The eye make-up remover has a mild formulation designed to gently remove makeup from around the eyes, I apply a small amount of this to a damp cotton wool or clean flannel, I then gently work it around closed eyes until all makeup is removed, I then damp my face with water, I love this & prefer it to any other liquid eye makeup removers so far, and how stunning is the bottle?

Lastly the conditioning serum, it helps conditions your lashes making them look healthy & shiny,
You apply the serum to your eyelashes from root to tip, this has honestly helped me so much, recently my eyes kept watering because of the weather, meaning it would smudge my foundation & eyeliner looking horrible, but since ive been using this, it has stopped my eyes from watering & made my eyes feel so comfortable, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!
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Thankyou so much again Nouveau lashes <3
Thankyou for reading 
Love Gem


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