Nurbesten review❤

Hello lovelies, hope your well.
Recently I was sent these lovely products to try out by the lovely Lucy at nurbesten.

💄Mivagirl powder
💄Mixiu modified blush
💄12 colour danni mineral eye-shadow palette
💄long lasting lipgloss

Who doesn't love trying out new makeup?
The mivagirl powder is so pretty, it is also slightly shimmerey perfect for autumn/winter, the design on the powder is so elegant, it completes the look to this stunning powder.

How pretty is this mixiu modified blush?
It has also got a separate compartment with a blusher brush in, this blusher is super handy when your on the go and needing a touch up!

This has to be one of my all time favourites & it is the 12 colour danni mineral eye-shadow palette, firstly it's super gorgeous, the palette has matte colours as well as shimmerey ones, they're super easy to blend, it also comes with a eye-shadow brush❤

How gorgeous is this magical halo long lasting lip gloss?
I am loving pretty much anything  and everything this colour this month, it also drys as a matte formula which is perfect for me, although it will feel too dry on your lips if you apply a lot onto your lips, so I just apply one layer and its perfect.

If your looking to try out new makeup have a look at
I have a discount code for you!
Type in GMD10 to get 10% off your next order❤
Thankyou so much @nurbesten @nurbestennagel
Thankyou for reading
Love itsgemmaaarrr


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