Technic Makeup

(Swatches - colour fix blush & bronze palette)
(Swatch - colour Max lipstick deep purple)

Looking for new affordable makeup?
Recently I was lucky to try out some of the technics new makeup range.
 đź’„Mega sultry 2 eye-shadow palette
đź’„Colour fix cream blush & bronze palette
đź’„Colour max lipstick
đź’„Brow pencil - black,brown
đź’„Setting spray

.Mega sultry eye-shadow 2 palette is such a versatile palette, you can create any look using matte shades to shimmer.
They're such lovely shades, my favourite has to be the three end shades as I am loving nudes, brown eyeshadows right now, they are so easy to apply, you only need to apply the eye-shadow once unless you wanted a darker/lighter impact then its easy to build and blend too.

.My favourite has to be the colour fix cream blush & bronze palette, its so beautiful & I had never tried a cream blush or bronzer before, so I was super excited but nervous at the same time. 8 beautiful colours, weather using one or mixing them.
I first applied my liquid foundation, along with the bottom right shade to contour/bronze, following the top shade of blush using a beauty blender, they're so pigmented, super creamy, easy and quick to apply and soo affordable❤

.Setting spray,
You apply your makeup and then spray the setting spray arms length over your makeup, it is meant to set your makeup and keep your makeup longer than usual, I never really use setting sprays as I never really know what I'm doing (to be honest) the first time I tried this, it made my makeup run a little but I realised that I sprayed it right in front of my face.. I tried it the next day & sprayed it arms length and my makeup did not run, I'm not sure if it really stayed on loinger than usual, but I feel like I'm still doing something wrong? 

.Colour Max lipstick - deep purple,
I love every colour of the technics colour max lipsticks and was happy to get the deep purple especially for the autumn, winter.
As you can see from the swatch, it is super pigmented and such a pretty colour.  I will be buying the other colours and these are soon affordable, go check them out!

.Brow pencil in black brown
I'm always using brow kits, So to create my every day brow look I started with this brow pencil to shape and my brow kit to fill in my brows, I am loving this brow pencil, you can choose a colour pencil to match your brows, you also get a brow brush & a brow pencil sharpener which is so so handy as I'm always loosing my sharpeners!
Defiantly go and check out Technics range of makeup, especially the new range❤
Have you tried any technic makeup before?
Thankyou for reading,


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