£10 Makeup Challenge

    http://www.essence.eu/uk/home/ Essence cosmetics are to express who you are with style, confidence and fun! They say NO to animal testing and Yes to quality which is always a plus!
with a huge range of great makeup at super affordable prices..

Essence asked me to do a £10 makeup challenge, knowing how affordable the makeup is, I knew that i would be-able to accept this challenge, so these are the items i picked for a total of £9.51!!!
They are:
Get Big Lashes Volume Mascara- £2.21
Lipstick 44 Almost Famous - £1.99
Liquid Ink Eyeliner - £2.79
Silky Touch Blush Life's A Cherry - £2.44

These makeup items are great!
I picked reds/dark pinks because I seem to always wear red/dark pink all of the time, but also i thought it is a great combination for Autumn/Winter..
The Get big lashes volume mascara is great for those who want natural but long looking lashes with no clumps, it is also super affordable, for the price of a average mascara you could get a few of these and still look good!
The Lipstick in Almost famous is such a pretty red, but it is also a smooth/moisturising lipstick which is great! & for only £1.99 you cant really go wrong..

The liquid ink eyeliner, is my favourite item out of all of the range! I love love love this eyeliner, so far the best liquid eyeliner i currently have, As repeated many of times, I can never go out without a cat eye/flick.. but i sometimes hate how long it takes, or how tricky it can be using a liquid liner..
but with this liner, it is super easy to apply and get both eyes looking pretty much the same! and only for £2.79 is such a bargain.. and it stays on all day! defiantly recommend this liquid liner.

The silky touch blush in Life's a cherry is a pretty shimmery pink (with a pretty pattern) is great for anyone, to get a fresh looking complexion which lasts pretty much all day (depending how much you apply) for only £2.44 you cant go wrong.

Trying out all of the Essence's makeup, I found out that you can still look & feel great with spending little on makeup,
Thank-you Essence for sending me these lovely goodies,
Had so much fun!
Thank-you for reading,
Hope your having a great evening,
Love Gem


  1. This is such a lovely post xx

    I love essence makeup xx

    1. Thankyou so much lovely! It was my first time trying out essence's makeup & loved it xxx


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