w7 "In The Buff" eyeshadow palette review


Hello guys.
So i have been looking forward to review this w7 palette, that aqua pr kindly sent me,
If your like me and love urban decay "naked palettes" but dont love the price all that much, then this palette is a great dupe of the Urban decay naked 2 palette for a more reasonable price.

This lovely tin is full of 12 eyeshadows with a mixture of matte shades and shimmery shades - great for any look morning/day/night.
They are so so easy to apply, with the lovely soft brush you get in the tin or with your fingers (if you dont like using brushes) the matte shades can be slightly "chalky" if you apply too much (eyeshadow may fall on your face) but if you apply the right amount then its fine however the shimmery shades are perfect and without too much full out/chalkiness.
I love using the colour's 'Buff' & 'Wave', by blending them in slightly to get a slight Smokey eye with eyeliner to complete my 'everyday cat eye look'
They last for a great length of time, they may start to fade after a few hours, but you can either top up, or wear a primer underneath to last a little bit longer.
If you are looking for a neutral palette that wont costs too much, then for only £9.99 i defiantly recommend this palette to anyone!
Even for a Christmas present to someone, they would honestly love it, just like i do!

Thats it for now,
Thank-you to aqua-pr again!
Had fun playing/trying this lovely palette,
Thank-you for reading..
Love Gem


  1. I need new eye shadow badly, and this looks good! Great post :)
    Would you mind following back? I'm new to blogging!
    Look forward to future posts from you

    - KVL xo


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