w7 Advent review continues

Hello Guys, Its the 15th of December, I apologise for not posting earlier, but i have been busy with family things and i thought it would be better to have more advent days in one post! So here it is..

Day Six: Foundation "Natural"
Day Seven: Nail polish "Fluorescent pink"
Dat Eight: Glitter "White glitter"
Day Nine: Glitter "Pink glitter"
Day Ten: Nail polish "Fuchsia"
Day Eleven: Lipstick "Spending spree"
Day Twelve: Lipgloss "Clear"
Day Thirteen: Eyeshadow "Hot chocolate"
Day Fourteen: Nail polish "Gold dazzle"
Day Fifteen (TODAY): "Lipgloss "Pink"

As you may tell from the bottom picture Iam already loving/trying out some of these beautiful makeup items (especially the eyeshadow from previous post in "burnt plum" such a lovely shimmery brown that lasts pretty much all day, will defiantly be buying the full sized eyeshadow)
The glitters I have had on day eight & nine are gorgeous! However Iam not sure what to do with them.. Any ideas? So pretty for Christmas time though.
All of the nail-polishes are so so pretty, however my favourite's so far would have to be the glittery polishes, defiantly be wearing one of these on Christmas day!

This makeup calendar is great for trying out all different items and making your mind up whether you would buy the full sized products.. instead of buying a full sized product and not liking it.. although w7 is pretty reasonable with their prices anyway.
Iam So happy with what i have received from this lovely calendar, I will publish the last review of this calendar on the 24th of December! Cannot wait to see what other goodies are in here (tempting to open all of the doors/windows.. But i wont, Il be good ha)
Thats it for now everyone!
I hope your looking forward for Christmas.. next week (Yay)
Thank-you so much for reading,
Love Gem


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