Madame LA LA Tan

Evening everyone!
So the lovely people at madame la la really kindly sent me this 200ml self tan mousse which costs £36!

wondering how it works as a tanning mousse?:
It ensures that your tan looks natural whilst adapting to your original/individual skin tone it gives you the lovely tan you are looking for in 3 hours without damaging your skin..
The tan also has great hydrating benefits such as Green tea, Coco water, Aloe & vitamin E it also has a built in hydrator perfect!

How to use the mousse?:
.Do not shake the bottle!
.Exfoliate skin
.Moisturise well especially dry areas
.Pump mousse directly onto skin & smooth all over (better to use a glove)
.Do no dress until 5 minutes (otherwise you will stain clothes)
.Wash hands
.Shower after 10 hours at least..
wolaah you have yourself a lovely tan without damaging your skin..

At first i wasnt so sure about this tan, I firstly practised onto my legs, I realised that i had a few tanning streaks which did not look good at all..
But then i realised that i exfoliated but had forgotten to moisturise...So i tried again and safe to say.. Do moisturise, it is so so so important!

If your wanting a tan but really not wanting to damage your skin, then i recommend this Madame La La self tan mousse!

thats it for now!
Thankyou to madame la la again!
& Thankyou to you guys for reading
love Gem 


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