Zoella beauty range review

Hello everyone, Iam sorry that it has been a little while since ive last posted... I have been really busy with family stuff as it's the Christmas holidays,
 I decided to review my opinions on the Zoella range so here it is :)
Items im reviewing:
.makeup bag
.soak opera bath & shower cream
.lets glow fragranced candle

FIrstly, the makeup bag is super super cute! I mean why wouldn't you fall in love with it? A guinea pig with glasses...soo cute! 
Soo much space to put all of your makeup in, you could also use it to put your smellies in as its bigger than a average makeup bag and the 
Bag is great quality.. I really want to go and get the other one now..

The soak opera bath and shower cream smells so gorgeous and you dont need to run alot of it under the water to get a decent amount of bubbles, just run a slight amount under the water.. then your done..you have your lovely smelling bubbles..

I love candles so the 'lets glow' candle is one of my favourites from the zoella range, its a gentle blend of white wood accents, sweet vanilla and soft floral notes.. it is such a calming smell and not too strong.
I also want to say that the zoella packaging is super duper cute!!!

Deffiantly worth the money and well recommended!
thats it for now guys,
 Hope you had a lovely christmas,
thankyou for reading,
Love Gem