Sniffy Wiffy

So your most probably like er sniffy wiffy? EW?
no.. sniffy wiffy, their products are so amazing!
I have never heard of sniffy wiffy, untill the other day, the lovely people sent me this generous size 300g strawberry body scrub for me to try...
Even when it was all packed i could smell the scent of strawberry, so i was pretty excited,
opened it and it smelt AMAZING!

I applied in a circular motion on wet skin after bath/shower, paying more attention on any dry or rough patches and then rinsed off with warm water.. tada,
It has olive oil in which made my skin feeling and looking super soft.
They also donate money from the chosen product to charity which is great!
highly recommend sniffy wiffy to all of you wanting to smell amazing.

Thankyou sniffy wiffy for letting me try this awesome scrub!
thats it for now,
thankyou for reading!
Love Gem


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