Batiste goodie bag


hello guys, a few weeks ago i was sent this surprise goodie bag from the lovely people at Batiste,
In the goodie bag:
.Eden dry shampoo
.Batiste biscuit
.Information about the eden dry shampoo

the reason to why I've left this post untill a few weeks later, is because i wanted to test the dry shampoo properly and give an honest review for you guys rather than testing it for a day or so and review it with little answers...
Iam greatfull for this goodie bag, as you can never go wrong with a dry shampoo, whether your in a rush or not wanting to damage your hair or maybe your on holiday or camping? It can always be a handy product.

This eden dry shampoo is sugar melon and honeysuckle, this one smells so much nicer to all of the other Batiste shampoos, it smells pretty amazing for a dry shampoo which i love. Once shaken & sprayed in to your hair, i felt like it gives a fresh feel and look to the hair however if you put the bottle too close to your hair, your hair does go slightly grey/white.. but i found that if you hold the spray further away, you dont get that..
Altogether i think this eden dry shampoo is one of my favourites of the Batiste range.. do check it out whenever you have a chance and let me know how you get on with it.
Thankyou again Batiste!
Thankyou guys for reading, hope your having a lovely night,
Love Gem


  1. You're so lucky to get these goodies!!!
    Do you contact or companies , or are they sent out to you???

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