Bellus Jewellery


Hello guys, So today i received a lovely package from bellusjewellery,
She makes super cute but yet so afordable jewellery, keyrings.
She had sent me this adorable funny panda necklace, isnt he cute? He has a bowtie wearing sunglasses! First of all, I love pandas, so Iam super happy with this already.. it has a vintage look to it around the frame area which i love.
I know it would look adorable partnered with a collared shirt, or even a plain shirt/jumper.. This necklace came in a cute little black fabric bag, which i feel is better than putting it in a package so it doesn't get scratched/ruined, it also looks nice with the bag.The delivery was super quick, she sells her lovely items on etsy, a range of awesome Disney to cute animal items, she has also got a Facebook page, I highly recommend checking out her lovely things, go have a look at her etsy and Facebook, links are below:

so if your looking to update your jewellery or even to buy gifts at a really reasonable price go and check bellusjewellery!
this necklace would cost just over £3.00 which is an amazing price especially for the quality too.
 I will defiantly be buying her items in the future as im inlove with this shop already! Im sure you will too :)

Thankyou so much to bellusjewellery & Thankyou you guys for reading hope your having a lovely evening,
Love Gem


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