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Hello guys, so a few days ago I recieved a lovelypackage again from the awesome people at Karmase7en. I have previously posted about them before and will hopefully continue..
They have a site which they sell items such as plugs, ear piercings, nose piercings, all different piercings as well as other awesome items.
They had sent me:
.2 Bloodwood plugs - Byzantine simple
.2 Iron wood plugs - Retro heart
.2 Narra wood & cone shell plugs
.Funk off piercing deodorant
.2 Sillicone eyelet shell pink pearl plugs
.2 Sillicone plugs- red
.Retro storage tin - Love
Iam loving all of these items, i mean look at them..they look so cool.

First of they asked me to review the new softwear plugs i.e the Sillicone ones, so i was pretty happy as i dont have any sillicone plugs..anymore anyway, they have a hollow back so that they still retain some flex and are not rigid, this means that this flex helps to protect ears from impact i.e if your ear gets knocked whilst wearing these Sillicone plugs the flex of the plug will take the impact rather than your earlobe.. which is super useful if your going to gigs or really busy places and getting worried if your going to get knocked!
They look great, they're super comfortable, they have ultra thin walls so super light, it feels like your not wearing any plugs which i like. My favourite out of the Sillicone plugs will defiantly have to be the shell pink pearl, it is such a beautiful colour pink with a pearlescent (sea blue) finish to it.. so pretty!

My favourite out of the wooden ones will defiantly have to be the iron wood plug, retro heart, it is soo stunning, i love different colour patterns, so these are up my street, they're so comfortable too, perfect to wear wherever and whenever!

This product was an interesting/exciting one.. I had never heard of this untill they said they were sending it to me.. its called `Funk off piercing deodorant` This is supposed to help piercings and stretched ears smell all fresh and clean, you can also use it for belly piercings, nipple piercings ect.. piercings can create an odour smell which to be honest, none of us want to smell that.. so this is super handy, they have used all natural ingredients, so no nasties..it is long lasting and super effective, all you need to do is rub a small amound on your fingers and gently apply to holes of piercing..
The tin is a handy pocket size, which is useful, you can also get different colour tins..
Guys/Girls, If your looking for affordable piercing items, defiantly go check Karmase7en at www.karmase7en.com , they have a big range of awesome things and the customer service is soo lovely.

Thankyou so much again Karmase7en, your awesome!
Thankyou you guys for reading!
love Gem


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