Christmas gift ideas🎄

Its almost Christmas already?

Hello lovelies, sometimes it can be a nightmare shopping around for gifts around the Christmas month, so why not shop online?
The lovely shop owner Hayley Beth recently contacted me and since then looking through her depop gave me an idea to do a Christmas gift ideas post, to show you guys and girls what lovely items you could buy for your loved ones, whether it being a main present or a stocking filler🎁

She has a range of lovely items such as jewellery, Christmas decorative items etc, Pokemon seems to be the in thing right now, so getting this pickachu necklace for someone's stocking filler would certainly make them happy.

Who doesn't love Disney?
I've never met anyone who doesn't love Disney, so these two Mickey mouse necklaces are a must have for a Disney lover!
I'm defiantly keeping these two for myself.❤

The star filled with cute and Christmassy are these? You can also get these in different colours, whether you get these for your loved one or collect them all for yourself, I can already see me wearing this with a fluffy jumper and would look adorable with the dangling crown earrings.
She also sent me the caramel green tea & fudge green tea to try as an extra which was lovely, I mainly drink water & green tea, so I cannot wait to try these.

Go and check out her depop
❤Also if you message her with 'gemma20' you will receive upto 20℅ off❤

Thankyou so much for reading,
Love Gem


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