fab brows

Hello lovelies, I hope your well.
A little while ago I was lucky to try these lovely makeup kits from fab brows, I have been using them everyday since I got to try them, so here are my thoughts❤
💄fab brows duo eyebrow kit £20.00
💄fab trio powder contour kit £20.00

When using the duo eyebrow kit I applied the lighter shade at the beginning of my brows & used the darker shade at the ends where I thought I needed more shape & definition,
I found that it basically gave me exactly what I wanted:
 this is such a lovely brow kit, you also get brow stencils making it so much easier to shape your brows!
You can get different shades to get the perfect brow, my shade is in dark brown.

When using the powder contour kit I used the lighter shade to highlight, the dark brown to define and the lighter brown to contour, with a fab angled contour brush, I really like this kit, It certainly helps when I'm looking tired, certainly brightens my face.
I am loving the packaging of these kits definitely perfect for Christmas presents, I am loving the look of the other items on fabbrows site especially the fab refillable cream contour kit, it has 6 beautiful shades which you can refill, great for when you go away and you don't want to take loads of pallets with you.

Honestly now one of my favourite makeup brands & lovely customer service, have a look at the site & instagram❤

Thankyou for reading, have a great week,