Silk oil of morocco

*1 eye shimmer morrocan sands
*2 fibre brow enhancer - medium

Hello lovelies, I hope your having a great start to the week!
I recently heard of Silk oil of morocco, they kindly sent me two makeup products for me to try,
They sent me:
💄Fibre brow enhancer £24.99
💄Eye shimmer £9.95

Sometimes I like to use a loose powder eye shimmer, that way you know you will get a great pigmented colour/shimmer rather than using eye-shadow.
The Moroccan sands colour is such a beautiful browny shade, it is so easy to apply and blend, you can also choose from 8 stunning shades!

I can't express how much I am loving the fibre brow enhancer!
If you know me well enough, you would know that I love brow products.
I had never tried a product like this before, so I was determined to use this pretty much the day I received this, I was so impressed with how this product worked, it can be used to create a lovely brow arch or to extend your brow length in seconds, if you don't usually have much time to do your makeup, I highly recommend the fibre brow enhancer, I have been using this for a couple of weeks and it is one of the easiest brow products I have ever used! Its also available in 5 other shades, so you can get the perfect shade for your brows, mine is in the shade medium❤
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Thankyou so much for reading,


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