Paw Paw review

Hello everyone!
I have had alot about the pawpaw papaya moisturiser and the lovely people  sent me a 25 tube to try out.

Paw paw has been grown and cultivated in Australia since the 1800`s!
The Australians had been using extract of pawpaw fruit to treat  different skin conditions for as much as 100 years now and is now finally available in the UK! :D

The 25g tube retails at only £5.99,
I have to say that this is my favourite moisturiser ever!
I thought i would never say this as iam a huge nivea fan, but recently with nivea i broke out and got itchy (ew)
but since ive been using the pawpaw moisturiser it has made my skin look/feeling great! With no breakout or itchyness.

It moisturises dry, sensitive, chaffed and irritated skin & can be used by people who are prone to eczema , dermatitis, psoriasis and can be used on children!
I highly recommend this moisturiser to everyone! It really does wonders to your skin, your skin will also feel super soft, you dont need alot to put on your face, so that wilk also save your money..

Thankyou to the lovely people at papayagold
and Thankyou to everyone for reading,


  1. Love this review . I'm hoping to get some samples soon to try out :)
    Great blog by the way!!! I'm following you & hope you can follow back x

    1. Aww Thankyou hunny, it is honestly the best moisturiser i have ever used and perfect for my dry skin, im sure you will love it too! Im following you back :) xx


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