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Hello Guys,
So today I recieved an awesome package from
I have been looking to get new nose studs as I only have nose rings and fancied a change..
Body Jewellery Shop has loads of awesome earpiercing jewellery items, You just want everything!

Items I got:
.Jewelled tunnel £3.95

The rainbow flower nose stud is super cute, perfect to wear whenever, it is 1.0mm surgical steel, it feels comfortable in my nose, ALOT comfier than it did wearing a nose ring, it pretty much feels like you dont have a piercing in for only £ 2.95, you cant go wrong!

Crystal nose studs have always had my eye, but i never decided to buy one, however this nose stud is Bioplast meaning it is flexible allowing movement to minimise risk of injury to any piercing, which i think is pretty much perfect, I feel the comfort of this nose stud woud have to be 9 out of 10, mainly because i dont like wearing hooks/a curve in piercings, but if it was straight then i would give it a 10 out of 10, I also love the little Crystal, super cute!

My favourite out of the three items, The 12mm jewelled flesh tunnel,
It is super funky/cute/glamorous, it is pmma acrylic, it fits super comfortably, again wouldn't know you had a piercing its that comfortable. I love it!
They are also available in many different colours, the Crystals add stylish detail,
I highly recommend this site to any of you guys/girls,

Thankyou to #bodyjewelleryshop
And Thankyou everyone for reading,
Hope your having a great evening,


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