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Limitless Bags review

 How cute does this bag look?

Hell guys, so Ive been missing my dog max (Labrador) recently as I haven't been staying home for a few months now & was super happy when i received this adorable 3d Labrador bag from the lovely people at limitlessbagsuk.
These bags are 100% handmade in EU with the best quality materials, the pictures are digitally imprinted onto the fabric fibres, so that the pattern/image wont fade after washing.

They have all different designs from Dogs,Cats,Horses to beach style bags and to be honest it was hard to choose which bag I wanted, I also really love the look of the husky and the smiling pug bags they're so cool!
I love that they come with a pocket inside, not only that, but a cute patterned pocket, the quality of the bag is great and its pretty thick which is handy to bring slightly heavier things around with me such as my tablet, purse ect..
Most bags that i have similar to this don't have a zip up the top which annoys me, but this one does, so perfect when your out and about and you wont loose your belongings.
It is such a decent sized bag as you can tell in the pictures above, its way bigger than my head! Great for an over night bag also!

The 3d ears took my eye, how cute are they? for £22.00 i feel like its good for money, great quality, will fit pretty much everything you need in, 3d ears, and a adorable image! Oh and super quick delivery!
I defiantly recommend this site to all of you, go check them out at

Thankyou so much to limitlessbagsuk..I love this bag & Thankyou to you guys reading,
hope your having a great evening,
Love Gem


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Hello lovelies, I was woken up this morning, to a gorgeous package from w7, this is what I received:
.Bronze queen, £6.95 .Groovy curls £5.99 .Prime & glow £5.99 .Kiss chase £4.95
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💄Tinc mobile phone holder - £4.95
💄Sass & belle best friends postcard - £1.00
💄Covershoot mascara - £3.00
💄w7 eyeliner pencil - £3.95
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